How To Choose Between Two College Majors

how to choose between two college majors

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It’s not uncommon to see students torn between two majors. After all, we do have multiple interests. It is entirely possible to be attracted to two completely different career paths. You may romanticize the idea of being a graphic designer, but you may also be passionate about kinesiology, but both of these require that you study completely different majors. So how do you make this critical but nerve-wracking decision? 

It may not be easy but there’s no getting around it. You have to choose one or the other. Here are a few tips on how to choose between two majors:

Consider Whether You Love or Hate The Subjects You Will Have To Study

If you have a ready answer to either of the above questions, your decision will be a lot easier. Think about the subjects included in the major leading to different careers. How do you feel about studying these subjects continually over the next four+ years? Do you think you would enjoy it or would it bore or frustrate you?

Visualize Yourself In That Career

Do you see yourself enjoying a role that involves working one-on-one with people every day or would you prefer to work behind the scenes with minimum interactions with others?

Can you imagine working in your chosen field 8 hours a day, 5 days or more a week, 365 days a year? Sure, you can change careers any time if it is not working out for you but ideally, you want to start off doing something you love.

Think About Your Employment Options

While being passionate about your subject is important, passion alone does not pay the bills. There has to be a modicum of practicality involved when you make the decision.

If your preferred major does not provide you gainful employment in a relevant field, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a program and end up unemployed or in a job that has no correlation to your major. You are better off choosing a field which can at least give you a decent chance of getting employed.

Ask Yourself What Kind Of Lifestyle You Wish To Lead

This is a very relevant question to ask yourself. Remember, there is no right or wrong. Some people may prefer taking up a high-paying job regardless of the toll it takes on their personal life, while others may choose family or ‘me’ time over money. You have to decide what is more important to you and depending on your priorities, you should choose either a major that leads to a career in a high-paying field or one that allows you to work at a comfortable pace with plenty of time to spend on your personal pursuits.

Speak To People Who Have Already Chosen The Majors

There is no better way to find out what benefits and challenges each major brings on than to speak to people who have already chosen them. Get in touch with them and find out what they are doing, what challenges they are facing, and what their growth curve has been like. Sometimes the real-world applications of a major are wildly different compared to what you think they might be. You do not want to find this out too late. Getting a first-hand perspective from others in the field will help you make an educated decision about which to choose.

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