How Another College Visit Can Help You Pick Between Two Colleges

how to pick between two colleges

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Did you receive your acceptance letters? Congratulations! Now comes what could possibly be a tough choice: Which school do you pick? If you’re stuck between two, another visit to the campuses can help you decide. Here’s how to pick between two colleges with another college visit:

You’ve Narrowed It Down

If you applied to a number of schools and you’ve narrowed it down to two, it’s now easier to compare the colleges. You’re not looking at several and trying to compare apples and oranges. You’re looking at two and therefore can directly compare the pros and cons.

When you visit again, take a close look at everything. How do the dorm rooms match up to one another? The dining halls? The professors and classrooms? Does one town fit you better personality-wise than the other? Make a running list of what you want to look at and really think about how you feel about each point. One may come out the clear winner.

Do a More In-Depth Visit

How long was your first visit to each of these colleges? If they were short or you didn’t get to really get a feel for the school, it may be time to do a more in-depth look. If you didn’t previously eat at the dining hall, try it now. Walk the halls between classes, check out the library, or take a look around office buildings for the professors.

Head out to town or the city. Take part in your favorite activities. Maybe visit a restaurant or two or a shop. What do you think of the area? Do the people seem friendly? What about the students?

Whatever you missed the last time, this is your opportunity to take a close look at just about every aspect of the colleges. Take your time.

Visit It Without a Tour Guide

If you visited the schools the first time with a tour guide, you may have only seen what they want you to see. The second time around, do a self-guided tour. If you visited on a weekend, definitely head out on a weekday. Interact with students. Ask them how they feel about the college personally.

Make sure to go out of your way to try to see parts the tours didn’t take you to. See how you feel about parts of the campus without a tour guide giving you information. Could you see yourself living there?

It can be difficult to decide between two colleges. However, because you’ve narrowed it down to two, it can be much easier to compare. You also may have looked at them when you were fatigued from applications, SAT/ACTs, and other college visits. Now is your chance to really take a close look at the two and see how you feel about them knowing you will choose one or the other. Take your time though and don’t rush it. Make sure it’s the one you can see yourself living in and enjoying while getting the education you want.

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