College Visit: More Than Just A Tour

campus tour

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All colleges organize regular campus tours where a guide takes prospective students and their parents around the campus and shows them all of the facilities that the college offers. If you go on a campus tour, you will get to be the best parts of the college. That means the spiffy auditorium, immaculate dining hall, and other spectacular facilities. However, a campus tour doesn’ show you the less-than-stellar features of the campus. This can give you a rather one-sided view of the school. Making a decision based solely on a campus tour could be a huge mistake.

Also, Do a Self-Guided Tour

When you do a scheduled campus tour, you absolutely must make plans to break away from the organized tour and explore the campus on your own. It’s not enough to merely look at the facilities that the college offers. What is more important is to observe students on the campus, attend a class in your intended major, have a meal in the cafeteria, stay a night in the dormitory, explore the nearby towns, and get a better feel of the ambiance and culture of the campus. Talk to students who aren’t just your tour guide either. Get a ‘feel’ of the college. Base your decision on this to lay the foundation for a positive college experience.

Tie-Breaker & College Fit

A college visit can potentially break the tie between your top two schools. If one feels lackluster or feels amazing, you can determine if that campus is the right fit for you. After all, you’ll potentially spend the next 4+ years studying there, so you want to make sure that the college is the right one for you.

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