Can’t Choose Between Two Colleges? Flip A Coin

flip a coin

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We’ve all flipped a coin sometime or the other, whether it is to decide between two options or settle an argument with a friend. The question is should you use it for a decision as important as choosing between two colleges?

It may seem like a ridiculous idea but flipping a coin can nudge you towards making the right choice.

How flipping a coin can help you select a college

Before you flip the coin, allocate heads for College X and tails for College Y. Take a minute to visualize the two options, then take a deep breath and flip the coin.

Did the coin land on its head? How does that make you feel that the coin chose College X for you? Do you feel excited, and validated, or do you feel disappointed? Were you suddenly hoping really hard that it would be tails so you could choose College Y?

Now obviously, in the end, don’t just make this major life decision based purely on the coin toss, but doing this can give you powerful insight into how you really feel. When the option is up in the air, your opinions and feelings on the outcomes can come to the surface.

So try flipping a coin, it’s one more tool in your belt to select the right college for you.

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