Why You Should Visit a School’s Library While Touring Campus


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You’ll hit a lot of hot spots on a college tour—dorms, a class building, the student center, etc. You might stop briefly by the library, or if you’re lucky, get an extended tour. But if you don’t, or if you’re touring on your own, checking out the library on a college visit is a must.

Preview the Resources

A library contains much more than just helpful books. There are computer labs, research materials, DVDs, rentable equipment, special collections, writing centers, and more. The quality and availability of these resources shouldn’t be overlooked when making your college decisions. There’s no doubt that you’ll be utilizing the library a lot while you’re in school, so you want to make sure that it has all the resources you need.

Scope out a Study Space

Libraries are the classic study space for college students. Whether in comfy armchairs, in the computer labs, cubicles, desks between bookshelves, or private group rooms that you can book for projects or review sessions, the library has something for everyone. Many libraries also have small cafes where you can get a snack or coffee for those late nights.

Major Libraries

Some colleges have libraries dedicated to certain programs! A campus could contain multiple libraries as well, ranging in function and content. It can be very helpful visiting the libraries that would be most beneficial to you during your studies.

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