Reasons Why You Should Revisit Colleges

When it comes to finding the right “fit” with a college, visiting campus is almost essential. The space around you can have a huge impact on your psychological well-being. If you don’t feel happy wandering around campus, it will be a rough four or five years ahead. That’s why you should revisit a college.

A shot of a Johns Hopkins University building with trees in front of it.

So that explains why you should visit once, but why should you revisit?

The gut reaction of your first impression is going to help you eliminate some schools off your list right away. However, repeat visits will allow you to dip further into a student’s typical day on campus. Maybe your first visit was just a campus tour. The next visit could be talking to faculty or sitting in on a class. You could go at a different time of year (winter vs. fall, spring vs. summer, etc.) which can change the energy you feel around campus. Is your prospective school big on sports? Maybe go the weekend of a big game and see how that affects traffic.

The ultimate goal of all these visits is to gain as much information as you need to determine which schools to apply to or which school you should go to once you’ve been accepted. Take the time to learn about the programs you want to get into, or what it takes to graduate in four years, or how the school keeps its students entertained. Questions like these will help you determine which school is the best fit for you.

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