3 Things You Should Do on Every College Visit (Besides the Tour!)

Around this time, you should have quite a few tours of the colleges lined up in the coming months, but don’t leave immediately after the tour is finished! There are a few things you’ll want to check into on every college visit before you head back home.

Students on a campus tour, lining up to go into a campus building.

Look Around 

The college tour guide will take you to quite a few places during the walk, but you’ll definitely want to do your own exploration of the campus. One of the first places to check out is the dorms. You might have to ask your tour guide for permission, but request to see the dorms freshman stay in. The first-year rooms might not be as impressive as the upperclassman dorms, but you’ll definitely want an idea of where you’ll be staying for the first two years of your college experience.

Next up is the quad or common areas. See how many people are there and what they’re up to. Some will be playing sports or instruments while others are studying or just hanging out with friends. It’ll definitely let you get a feel for the social climate at the school.

Two more areas on campus you’ll want to visit is the library and bookstore. Take some time to explore the library and get a feel for the atmosphere, just as you did for the common area. Does it seem to have a good selection that will help you with your research? You’ll also want to take a peek at the bookstore and especially the prices. There might be a few books you can grab on Amazon or eBay for cheaper.

Some other spots that should be on your exploration list are the faculty offices and classrooms. Both of these can give you a good idea of how well equipped the school is when it comes to your education. Definitely take a look at any technology in the classes.

Eat on Campus Every Time You Visit a College

If you’re living on campus, you’ll most likely be eating almost all of your meals on campus. It’s simple and easy without wandering far off school property and spending a lot of money. Sit down for a meal and, of course, make sure it is enjoyable food but keep looking around. You’ll want a keep an eye out for cleanliness for one. If the school has a few dining halls, you should take a trip to all of them before you leave.

Talk to the Students and Faculty

This is the most important: ask questions. This includes talking to both students and faculty. Ask students how they feel about the college, their major, the classes, and general campus life. You’ll get great answers from the students to give you a real idea of what to expect. Talking to faculty, on the other hand, will give you a view of the professional atmosphere.

There are plenty of opportunities to get to know your potential college beyond the tour the school provides. Keep an eye out, keep an open mind, and keep asking questions. You’ll be living and studying there for about four years, so you definitely want to be absolutely positive that it is the school for you.

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