2 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Meet A Professor When You Visit A Campus

In preparing for your upcoming college visit, you’ve scheduled a campus tour, got the itinerary sorted out, requested to attend a class in session, reserved a hotel room for the family and obtained permission for an overnight stay in the college dorm. So far so good. These are the absolute basic things you should cover while preparing for any campus visit. But why not take things one step further? Ask if you can have a one-on-one meeting with a college professor when you visit campus?

Very few students think about organizing a meeting with college professors during their campus visit. Either it does not cross their minds or because they fail to see exactly how it will benefit them.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should meet a professor during your college visit.

A student shaking hands with a professor.

You Get A Closer Look At Your Chosen Major As Well As Alternatives

Whether or not you have already zeroed in on your major or not, having a one-on-one meeting with a professor can be an eye-opening experience.

Have you already decided on a major? Meeting a professor who teaches the subject is a great way to get to know who will be your guide and mentor if you decide to attend that particular school. A professor in that department is the best person to ask for information. For example, ask what to expect regarding the curriculum, assignments, and even the job potential of that particular major. Getting this insight from an expert in the field can be invaluable. It can help you either solidify your choice of major or explore other options.

What if you are having trouble deciding on a major or trying to decide between two different majors? Speaking to a professor is the best way to get some clarity and make more informed decisions. Let’s say you have taken introductory classes in marketing and business in high school. But you are not sure which to choose as a major. Speak to professors in both of these departments during your campus tour! It will help you understand the core differences between these two subjects so you can then decide which one fits you better.

It Boosts Your Chances Of Getting Accepted At That College

All colleges want to know why you chose to apply to their program. If, after your campus visit, you decide to apply to that college, you will have a more compelling answer to this crucial question.

Simply stating that the meeting with the professor helped clinch the decision for you will tell the admissions authorities that you have demonstrated interest in their school. Students who go through great lengths to consider the fit between their interests and the college’s programs and then go ahead with their application are less likely to drop out of their chosen program. This is a factor that scores highly when deciding whether or not to accept your application.

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