Should I Do Another College Visit for the Same School?

Visiting a college campus is a critical part of the college selection process. You can’t truly get a feel for a place without visiting there yourself. It’s an ideal way to experience the campus, the dorms, the classrooms, the students, and faculty. A website can only tell you so much. But if you’ve toured the schools on your list…why do another college visit?

A shot of a college with leaves in the forefront.

Should you revisit a college you’ve already toured?

However, although not absolutely necessary, certain circumstances may warrant a second visit. After your visits, you may have two or three colleges that are equally matched. What if you find it difficult to pick between them? If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to revisit these two campuses but this time, do it differently.

Now that you know the basic layout and amenities of each, it’s time to look at the details. Take thorough notes, list the pros and cons, nothing is too small.

What to do on a second college visit

Before leaving on your second campus tour, permission to sit in on classes. This will help you understand your prospective professors, their teaching style, and their interaction with their students. All of which can make a tremendous difference to your whole college experience.

While on your second tour, you may also want to re-visit all of the facilities that are important to you so you can then make a more informed decision about which college is a better fit for you. Don’t ignore that gut feeling either. Take in all the details you can.

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