5 Things You Must Do During Your Upcoming College Visit

Looking around a campus isn't enough to get a good idea of the college. Here are things you must do to have a successful visit

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During your college search, you are likely to come across multiple colleges that seem like they offer similar academic and extracurricular options. So how do you decide which one would be a better fit for you? College visits are a great way to get a first-hand look at the campus and its faculty and students so you can find a college environment that best suits your personal interests and academic goals. However, simply looking around the campus may not serve your purpose. Here are 5 things you must do for a successful college visit.

1 – Take Notes During The Campus Tour

The campus tour is a great start point for your college visit. While showing you around the main facilities, the college representative conducting the tour will give you interesting information about the college history and its landmarks as well as the way classes are conducted and the lifestyle on campus. Not to mention any answers to some must-ask questions you may have. With so much information coming your way, it easy to forget some details, especially if you have scheduled multiple campus visits in a short time.  The best way to remember the important details is to take extensive notes. These notes will come in really useful at a later date when you want to compare colleges and make a final decision about where to enroll. If you want additional information on something, make a note of that too so you don’t forget.

2 – Attend A Class

The major portion of your time in college will be spent in the classroom. It stands to reason then that you should spend some time during your visit to get a feel for what academics will be like at that college. Sit in on a class in session so you get a better idea of the structure and teaching style as well as the class size. Some students may not mind larger class sizes but you may do better with a smaller class size. You may need to get prior permission to attend a class so find out in advance.

3 – Talk To Students

There’s no better way to find out about the college culture and what happens behind the scenes than by asking current students. Ask about the various clubs, activities, and fraternities. The non-academic aspect of a college plays as big a role as the academics in creating your whole college experience. Asking students about the non-academics will help you establish whether this is something that would work for you.

4 – Talk To The College Coach

If you are keen on participating in any type of sporting activity, whether it is a team game or athletics, you must take the time to speak to the college coach during your campus visit. It will give you a good feel of what to expect, especially in terms of how much importance is given to the sport you are interested in.

5 – Live The Campus Life For At Least A Day

During the tour, you must eat in the cafeteria to get an idea of what types of meals to expect. Also, visit the library and if possible, stay overnight in the college dorm. It’s an amazing experience. You may feel right at home in some dorms while others may leave you feeling distinctly uncomfortable like something is missing.

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