How To Select A College Major This Summer

How to pick a college major this summer

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Selecting a college major is a huge decision. It’s right up there with choosing the right college. You will be spending the next four years in the program that you choose. It is important to spend as much time as possible exploring prospective majors so that you make the right decision. Although you can change majors midway through the program, it is a waste of time and money. Instead, it is far better to spend time doing your homework before you pick a college major.

While doing your initial research on the internet may be a good idea, relying solely on the internet to choose your major is a mistake. There’s nothing like getting a first-hand, behind-the-scenes look at a career to determine whether or not it is right for you. Spending some time during the summer to get this first-hand experience is totally worth it.

Choose from one or more of these ideas to pick a college major this summer:

Look For Job Shadow Opportunities

Job shadowing involves following a professional throughout their workday and observing what they do. This really is a great way to see what goes on behind the scenes. Many jobs seem glamorous and oh-so-easy. But only the person doing the job knows how much hard work they put in to make it look so easy.

A career in marketing may interest you if you are a creative person but if you think that you will be spending all your time participating in creative brainstorming activities, you may be way off the mark. Marketing professionals spend several hours poring over statistics, consumer surveys, and market conditions before actually coming up with a marketing strategy. When you shadow a marketing professional, you will get a better idea of exactly what is involved and whether this field is a good fit for you.

Do An Internship

An internship takes it up a notch from job shadowing. Instead of being a mere observer while job shadowing, you will actually take on some of the responsibilities of the job. This will give you a good idea of whether this is something you are interested in. More importantly, you’ll see whether you have the skills and aptitude for the job.

Are you are interested in pursuing a major in biomedical engineering? Or perhaps fashion design or sociology? Start by looking for organizations that are related to your interest and apply for an internship. Even if it is an unpaid opportunity, it is worth it when you consider that doing an internship is the best way to solidify your choice of major.

Take Local Classes

Educational institutions offer a variety of pre-college summer programs to give high school students an opportunity to explore prospective majors. Check with schools in your area and sign up for a class related to your intended major.

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