Why Juniors Should Start Exploring for College Majors Now

While juniors definitely have college prep on the brain, they’re likely focusing on ACT/SAT scores, college visits, and cultivating academic rigor in their schedules. One thing that may not be on the radar yet is what major they want to pursue.

Since—for the most part—it’s not technically required to declare a major on a college application, many students put selecting a major on the back-burner while they focus on other application elements. However, there are many benefits to deciding on a major early.

Majors and Programs Affect College Search

If you know what you want to study, that will definitely affect which school you want to attend. Colleges will have different focuses and different specialties. You may not find a particularly well-established Creative Writing program at A&M school, for example. Knowing your major can help focus your college search, and refine your college list.

Use Your Major in the Scholarship Search

There are plenty of scholarship opportunities out there that revolve around a college major, or field of study. Knowing your major can help you not only find these opportunities, but make connections in the field—never underestimate the importance of networking.

Application Essay Material

The college app essay is where you can let your personality shine, but it’s also an ideal space to explain your passions and goals. Majors can fit right into that category. If you’re attending a school for their program’s reputation, mention that in a “Why do you want to attend this school?” prompt.

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t know what you want to study yet. And don’t feel like your choice in college major is totally set in stone and will determine the entire course of your future. But there are some major benefits to honing in on a subject early on in your college search process. Add “pick major” to your to-do list—you’ll be surprised how much it can help.

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