Pros and Cons of Declaring Your Major on a College Application

Here are some pros and cons of declaring your major on your college applicationDeclaring your major on your college application has its advantages, but there can be a downside to it as well. Understanding the pros and cons of declaring a major on your college application can help you make a more informed decision.

Pros Of Declaring Your Major

Declaring your intended major tells the college that you have definite academic goals and that you are applying to their specific school because their program helps you meet those goals. It sends a message to the admissions authorities that you are more likely to attend their college if your application is accepted. For colleges, it is a winning proposition.

Declaring also increases your chances of earning a scholarship or financial aid, which may have been reserved for certain majors.

If the major you are interested in is not a very popular choice, the lower competition will increase your chances of getting accepted.

Con Of Declaring A Major

Not all colleges will allow you to change your major after you have been accepted into your declared major program. You must be absolutely sure that you are not going to change your mind once you have declared your major.

While some colleges may offer you admission into a general studies program if you do not get accepted into your first-choice program, other colleges may reject your application completely. If you wish to declare your major, research each college thoroughly before you submit your application.

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