Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making Your Final College Choice

Not sure which college to attend? Ask yourself these questions before making your final choice

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Choosing a college is a big decision for your education, future career, and even life. You shouldn’t make it lightly! If you’re still not sure which college to attend, ask yourself these questions before you make your final choice.

How Does The School Look on Paper?

Most students look at the statistics for each school before they apply, but it’s important to take a closer look now that you’re seriously considering the particular college. This definitely includes graduation rates; how does one school compare to another on your list? How many students graduate in four years? Six?

Also consider how many graduates go on to earn their Master’s, accept a position in their field, or are unemployed. Employment rates are just as important as graduation rates. You may want to take a look at their acceptance rate as well if you haven’t already. How many students do they accept in comparison to how many applications they receive?

Can You Afford The School?

This is an extremely important question to ask yourself: Can you afford this school? You may not like the answer, but you should also be realistic. Take a close look at the financial aid packages, grants, and scholarships you received and compare them to other offers; which college offered the most?

You will also want to consider how much you will have to borrow in student loans, both federal and private, to attend this school. After all, you’ll have to repay it after you graduate or leave college, so having a good idea of how much you’ll owe ahead of time is a must.

Also look carefully into the college’s living arrangements. Some schools may require you to live off campus, either because they don’t have dorms or there isn’t enough room. Could you afford the rent of an apartment, the meals, and transportation to get to class?

Is This School The Right Choice?

This is the main question. If you don’t ask yourself any others, you need to think carefully about this one. Is this college the right decision for your future? Consider your major. Is the program strong? Does it have all the courses you need for your future career path? Also think about the advisers, extracurricular activities, and professors. Will they all help you work towards what you want out of your education?

Even if it’s a strong school for your major, you’ll also want to think about the culture of the campus. Think back to how you felt when you visited the campus during the application process. Did you feel comfortable or out of place? If you talked to the attending students, the teachers, or staff, what was your impression? You’ll want to ensure that it is a place you’ll want to spend the next four years.

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College is, of course, for your education and future, but it’s also an experience and one you’ll need to be sure you’ll benefit from. If you’re still on the fence about which college to attend, make sure you’re taking all these things into consideration before accepting an offer.

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