4 Potential Majors for Indecisive Students

Heading into college in the fall and not sure what you want to major in? That’s not all bad – there’s actually pros and cons to declaring you’re “undecided.” However, as you get comfortable in college, the question needs more serious thought, especially towards the end of your freshman year and absolutely during your sophomore year. Consider these four majors for indecisive students.

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Many think English is a liberal arts degree that can tend to be “useless.” This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’re interested in education, political science, law, or something else, almost every career path benefits from a background in English, literature, and writing. You’ll become much more comfortable with writing, research, and comprehension through your studies. Additionally, communication is a vital skill in the working world, and English majors earn that in spades.

And if you’re actually seriously interested in a career in reading or writing, there are plenty of positions in publishing, editing, copywriting, and similar industries.


Business, or Business Administration, is another excellent major choice for those who are indecisive. It gives you a well-rounded picture of running a business, finances, marketing, laws, regulations, and management. With a degree in business, much like English, you open the doors to a lot of fields.

A business degree can help you start your own company, but also explore interests in accounting, hospital or nonprofit administration, social media management, teaching, consulting, and more.


You might think that “biology” is a bit of a pigeon-hole when it comes to declaring, but it’s the opposite. From engineering to agriculture, biology is a gateway into a number of studies. You’ll learn hands-on techniques and also become better at problem solving and management.

If you opt for this major as an undecided student, you can look forward to careers in medicine, applied science, zoology, research, and similar fields. You may also opt to continue your education in graduate school.

Computer Science

There is no shortage of career openings when it comes to computer science or informational science. Students majoring in these subjects also have a variety of job opportunities that await them. Even if you switch to another major, the skills you learn in computer science courses are invaluable.

Data, cyber-security, and similar subjects need computer experts. Computer science majors can choose from a wealth of different industries.

Majors for Indecisive Students

All four of these majors are good starting points if you’re still unsure what to study. Even if you change your major later, many majors require similar courses as well. These types of classes will also open your eyes to new possibilities you hadn’t previously considered.

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