Potential Career Paths for Business Majors

Man and woman shaking hands during Penn State Fall Career Days Fair.

Flickr user Penn State

Business is the most popular undergraduate major right now. A lot of different majors and interest areas fall under the umbrella of business, allowing for a diverse group of students to study it. Business doesn’t only mean contracts and negotiations—it means working together with others toward a common goal. Here are some jobs that business majors can end up with.


Accountants maintain financial records for a business. They help the company stay organized and compliant with paying taxes, ordering items, and more. Do you love following the rules and staying organized? Accounting might be your calling!

Human Resource Specialist

These individuals work with employees and potential candidates face-to-face. They recruit new employees, run background checks, interview candidates, and help in the overall hiring process. They act as a sort of middle man between the company and employees.

Sales Representative

Sales reps sell products, either by directly working for the business or an independent sales agency. They know everything about the product they are selling, show it to potential customers, meet with them in person in some situations, and answer all questions regarding the product. This job is great for someone who loves talking to people.

Operations Research Analyst

Are you more of a numbers person? Operations Research Analysts look at all areas of a business using computer software and statistical analyses to help the business achieve a certain goal. If you like the more technical work behind figuring out the answer to an important question, this may be the job for you.

Event Planner

Have you ever been to a wedding and thought that you would love to plan one for someone? Event planners organize every detail, large and small, of events from the very beginning to the end. They go over contracts, contact caterers, suppliers, clients, and more to organize weddings, conferences, meetings, and more.

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