Potential Career Paths for History Majors

You love history and you’ve decided (or are considering) to major in this subject. You may already know of some career paths that you can choose from, but here are a few that you can consider.

Contrary to popular belief, historians are actually in great demand in a variety of settings.

History Education

They are employed by educational institutions to teach the future generation of history students or to do historical research in a specific field. History teachers can range from elementary up to professors at universities around the world.

Historical Collections

They may also be employed by museums, libraries, archives, corporations, and the government to curate historical sites, preserve historical information and records or manage libraries containing valuable historical collections.

With a history major, you may also be employed by private companies, the government and non-profit organizations to preserve records and historical information.


Museums employ curators with a history background to handle various aspects of museum management, from purchasing specialized art and artifacts to researching information related to themed exhibitions and putting together relevant details for the purpose of fundraising.

Legal Work

Working as a legal assistant is another great option for anyone who has majored in history. Lawyers need a lot of help with researching relevant precedents to put together a compelling case and often hire history majors to do the necessary research.

These are just a few of the more common jobs available for history majors. You can use your knowledge and skills in several other careers too.

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