Potential Career Paths For Marketing Majors

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Marketing majors have always been in great demand across multiple industries. That demand has grown exponentially in today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape where professionals must have the skills to integrate proven traditional techniques with modern marketing strategies. Understanding how to harness online social media is a must for today’s marketing majors.

So what are the potential career paths for marketing majors? Take a look:

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers identify and create marketing strategies based on the objectives of the company, market survey, and cost factors. They are also responsible for coordinating marketing processes to support the services and products of the company and working in conjunction with the promotions and advertising teams.

Marketing managers also assess financial aspects of product development such as budgets, research and development, profit and loss statements, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives engage with the existing customer base to share information on new products, updates on old products, and to gain orders for the company. They need to be well-versed with the product and understand the client’s requirements to be able to recommend appropriate products to customers based on their needs.

They also provide after-sales service to clients and stay in touch with them continually to ensure that customer retention and customer service is ensured.

Marketing Research Analyst

Marketing research analysts are responsible for studying the competition on a local, regional, national or global scale depending upon the profile to ensure that the strategy keeps them ahead of the competition.

They also gather the required information and prepare relevant reports by mining said information to predict potential sales of products and services. The data and information projected by marketing research analysts is necessary for marketing campaigns as well.

Sales Manager

Sales managers resolve customer complaints and ensure their resolution with regard to various products and services. They may also supervise the work of local sales managers and other staff under them on a regional or zone level.

They also periodically review operations and generate or peruse reports to come up with strategies to improve profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers are directly responsible for the conceptualization, planning, and execution of various advertising strategies and programs. They oversee the development and creation of artwork, posters, contests etc. to generate interest and manipulate public perception of their product, service or organization.

They oversee the various teams involved in the entire process of advertising, promotions and event management within the organization and are required to be able to multi-task and lead cross-functional teams. They also need to meet campaign goals while motivating and directing the teams involved.

Management Analyst

Management analysts conduct research in order to evaluate processes, procedures, design systems, and other tools to improve the overall efficiency of the organization. They need to build a thorough understanding of the working of various departments or teams they are in-charge of and formulate better processes and detailed proposals and reports to enable them to operate more efficiently.

Exceptional interpersonal skills, ability to pick up new information and process it quickly and being a problem solver are desirable traits in this profile.

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