Potential Careers for Psychology Majors

A professor and student talking at the library.

Flickr user Penn State

Psychology is a highly popular major. While many students continue on to pursue degrees beyond a bachelor’s, there are still things you can do without further education. This list of careers for psychology majors includes some jobs that require further study and others that do not. Check it out below!

Special Education Teacher

Yes, studying psychology (and completing specialized teacher training) can allow you to work in special education. You would have the chance to work with children who have a variety of illnesses or disabilities. Doing this would enable you to build relationships with the students you work with, and help them grow and learn.

Probation Officer

If you’re interested in helping others move forward from their mistakes, working as a probation officer is a great way to do it. These officers help offenders stay within the conditions of their probation, and assist them with finding appropriate rehab and treatment services as needed.

Health Psychologist

Do you love all things health and working with people? Health psychology might be perfect for you! This profession is geared towards working with people who want to be healthier. That could mean individuals who are trying to understand an illness that they have or even just people who want to improve their diet and exercise. This is a position that would require extra education but could be very fulfilling.

Postsecondary Education Administrator

While the title listed doesn’t fully exude glamour, it covers a wide variety of positions on a college campus. It could be assisting the school to encourage new students in admissions, helping those new students register for classes, working in financial aid, helping the student union coordinate campus-wide events, and more. If you really love college and want to stay in that environment, these can be fun positions to look at.

Genetics Counselor

Are you interested in diseases and helping people understand how to manage them? An undergraduate degree in psychology and further education can give you the knowledge and skills required to be a Genetic Counselor. In this position, you’ll meet with individuals, and even their family members to help them understand their disease and how it will affect their lives and the lives of those around them.

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