Potential Careers in the Music Industry

If you have a passion towards music, you may wonder what career options might be available to you. In other words, you may wonder what is the range of possible careers in the music industry. As you work through your final year in high school, you may also wonder what type of degree is necessary for different jobs in the music industry.


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Possible Undergrad Majors:

Obvious careers in the must industry include singer, musician, or performer. Of course, pursuing a career in one of these areas necessitates an innate talent. It also necessitates at least some level of training and actual experience performing before a person credibly can pursue a career in one of these areas.

If becoming a musical performer of some type truly is your goal in life, you are wise to seriously consider continuing your education and getting some kind of relevant degree. College can help you hone skills, gain contacts, and learn about industry know-how.

Music Venue Management

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Possible Undergrad Majors:

Another profession you might want to consider pursuing in the music industry is music venue management. In the United States alone, there are thousands of different types of venues that present musical performances. These include everything from large stadiums that seat thousands, to small hole-in-the-walls that are high impact music boutiques.

If you are interested in a career in music venue management, you definitely want to look at continuing your education onward to college. You have a number of options available to you when it comes to the course of higher education you may want to pursue to prepare you for a career in music venue management. These include an academic pathway in business management. In addition, a hospitality management program may also be helpful to a person interested in music venue management as a career.

Music Performer Management

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Possible Undergrad Majors:

Music performer management is another career path you might want to consider in the music industry. This could include managing a solo artist, a band, or an orchestra.

As with music venue management, you may want to consider a degree in business management. That can provide you a useful foundation to launch a career in music performer management.

Music Industry Marketing Professional

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Possible Undergrad Majors:

The music industry is highly competitive. As a result, music industry marketing is a crucial aspect of the overall industry. You may be interested in a career that combines marketing and public relations with the music industry.

In order to begin a career in music industry marketing, you will want to consider obtaining a degree in marketing and advertising.

Music Instructor or Teacher

Possible Undergrad Majors:

If you have a penchant for instructing or teaching others, and if you have a passion for music, consider a career as a music instructor or teacher. The level of education you will need after high school depends on what type of instructor or teacher you desire to become.

If you want a teaching position in an elementary or high school, you may be able to enter the profession with a bachelor’s degree. However, ultimately you may be required to obtain a master’s degree. If you desire to teach at the college level, you will need to obtain a master’s degree with the prospect of ultimately obtaining a Ph.D.

Musical Tech Specialist

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Possible Undergrad Majors:

Another profession in the music industry you might want to consider is a musical tech specialist. For example, you may want to run a soundboard for a music producer. In any event, you will need technical training, which may be able to be obtained at a four-year university, trade school, or community college.

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