Potential Careers For Biology Majors

Do you love studying the inner workings of plants as well as animals or are you interested in how the environment impacts these living things, as well as how they impact the environment? If you are, a biology-related career may be well suited to your areas of interest.

We’ve put together a few potential careers for biology majors, as well as ideas on how to make your favorite subject a successful career path.


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Microbiology might be the perfect career choice for those who want to help impact people’s lives and their overall health. Microbiologists study microorganisms and how they affect people, the environment, and agriculture. In this role you would primarily work in lab settings in the healthcare and agricultural fields.

Pharmacy / Pharmacology

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The study of pharmacy and pharmacology deals with the discovery of new medications and drugs and how they can be used to enhance or improve existing medications. This job requires an ability to work with others, as well as working with precise measurements and weights. Some people who choose this career path work in a retail chain pharmacy, while others may decide to create their own business and launch their own pharmacy. If retail isn’t your thing, you can always work for a pharmaceutical company.

Research Scientist

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This is an excellent career choice for biology or biomed majors who prefer a more research-oriented approach to their jobs. Expect to work in a lab setting, either on your own or with others, solving a variety of problems within the environment or within plants and animals. This is an excellent choice for biology majors with a strong work ethic and a good eye for detail.


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If you love animals and are interested in studying them either in the wild or at a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, then this might be an excellent career choice for you. Zoologists work with all types of animals, studying them and their environment and how that environment impacts them and life on earth. You could even specialize further in curing diseases, enhancing and improving certain types of livestock, or studying certain animals and their habitats.

Marine Biologist

Marine biologist may be your dream job if you love all types of aquatic life. Marine biologists study life within bodies of water and how that water affects the rest of the environment. Whether you work at a fish hatchery or go deep into the ocean, this is an interesting and rewarding career for bio majors who love water and aquatics.


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You knew this one would make the list. Biology majors who want to spread the love for their field fit perfectly in a variety of classroom settings, from middle school all the way up to the collegiate level.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg for the wide and varied career choices for biology majors. Speak with an advisor or career counselor today to see which one best suits you.

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