Majors for Different Myers Briggs Types

Student looking at research about Myers Briggs typesHave you ever taken the Myers Briggs Personality Test? It’s a test that will help you determine your type of personality. You can find forms of it across the internet, including here if you’ve never taken it before. These tests have been said to help students find their perfect career. Check out just some of the majors that are said to be good for certain Myers Briggs types.


“The Mastermind”

INTJs are quite rare and account for 3% or less of the population. People that fall under this category tend to be analytical, more comfortable working alone.

Majors for INTJs:


“The Architect”

INTPs are also very rare and are focused more on the creative side of things. They’re very curious about how things work, but like INTJs, are very independent.

Majors for INTPs:


“The Commander”

ENTJs are goal-oriented and born leaders. They’re excellent at laying a long term plan.

Majors for ENTJs:


“The Visionary”

ENTPs are often described as competent, intelligent, clever, and resourceful. They can often play the devil’s advocate.

Majors for ENTPs:


“The Counselor”

INFJs work towards better understanding the people around them as well as themselves. They’re dedicated to thinking of creative solutions that can better the lives of others.

Majors for INFJs:


“The Healer”

INFPs are loyal and stick to their ideals and ethics. They hold causes dear to their heart.

Majors for INFPs:


“The Teacher”

ENFJ take their values very seriously but also want relationships that focus on harmony.

Majors for ENFJs:


“The Champion”

Enthusiastic about their work and relationships, ENFPs are often the source of energy for others. They focus on fun in life.

Majors for ENFPs:


“The Inspector”

Rooted in traditionalism, ISTJs tend to be reserved, serious, and dependable. They try to take logical approaches to their projects.

Majors for ISTJs:


“The Protector”

Order and harmony come first in the life of an ISFJ. They tend to be quiet and observant, but are very team-oriented.

Majors for ISFJs:


“The Supervisor”

ESTJs are practical, organized, and realistic. They’re dedicated to what they find worthy of their time.

Majors for ESTJs:


“The Provider”

ESFJs are genuinely concerned about the well being of their peers but are also literal. They’re interested in other people’s points of view.

Majors for ESFJs:


“The Crafter”

ISTPs are dedicated to understanding how things work, but they also tend to be quiet and seem detached. However, they are capable of great insight.

Majors for ISTPs:


“The Composer”

ISFPs tend to be more peaceful and live by the quote “live and let live.” They’re quiet, paced, and caring. ISFPs also tend to be very creative.

Majors for ISFPs:


“The Promoter”

ESTPs like to learn with hands-on approaches and want the best for everyone. They are dedicated to solving problems.

Majors for ESTPs:


“The Performer”

ESFPs are creative, team players, and are always actively seeking new experiences. They also tend to be practical but observant.

Majors for ESFPs:

Each personality type brings something new to the table! These are just some ideas of the majors each personality type tends to go after, so if you don’t see your dream job listed, don’t fret! Take the Myers Briggs personality test for yourself and see what you get!

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