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What is Included in “Cost of Attendance?”

Besides tuition, a phrase you might see often involving money is the college’s “cost of attendance” or COA. Cost of attendance includes a lot of factors and is the estimated total cost to attend your college for one academic year. But that’s a shallow answer. Here’s the rundown on what COA is exactly and what …
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Why Should College Be Free?

Should college be free? It’s a classic question with a complicated and arguably unclear answer. The affordability of college education as well as the current student debt crisis is always a key consideration. As with any major decision, there are pros and cons to consider. Let’s break down the positives and negatives of tuition-free college. …
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15 Surprisingly Affordable Colleges for Midwestern Middle Class Families

Many middle class families in the Midwest think that their only affordable college options are the state schools. While these may be great options, they are certainly not the only affordable schools for these students and families. Before we jump in to which colleges we found to be most affordable for middle class Midwestern families, it’s important …
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These 10 “Expensive” Colleges Have Free College Tuition or Full-Ride Scholarships for Middle-Class Families

When many families think of college, they think “expensive”. With rising price tags on many schools now easily exceeding $60,000 per year, it’s no wonder that many students and parents are worried about how they will possibly afford the cost of college. If you’ve done your homework, then you will know that many colleges–especially the most …
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The Costs of Transferring Colleges

Students can transfer schools for all sorts of reasons –another college has a better program, they weren’t clicking with the environment, etc.– but whatever the cause, all transfer students face similar challenges with their move. Whether it’s financial or academic — what’s the real cost of transferring colleges? The benefits of transferring colleges: Given the …
Graphic shows that a college's net price is calculated by subtracting gift aid - scholarships and grants - from the total stick price. College costs add up.
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College Costs: Net Price vs. Sticker Price

Someone once accurately explained college pricing and financial aid with this anecdote: You live in the Northeast quadrant of the United States. The temperature outside could be displayed on one hand on any given day in January. Your little brother just dumped a quart of yellow paint on your winter coat—meaning you need to buy …