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FAQs About College Offer Letters

When you’re accepted into a college, they will put together a customized financial aid package for you. This is known as a college offer letter. Some colleges may call it a merit letter or financial aid award letter. Regardless of the exact name they use, all acceptance letters serve the same purpose. What’s included in an …
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3 Critical Financial Aid Tips For High School Seniors

Financial aid may be the last thing on your mind when you’re in high school. You’re already juggling a lot. But the sooner you understand how financial aid works, the better. Here are 3 critical financial aid tips for high school seniors. Why it’s So Important to Start Exploring Financial Aid in High School College …
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When and How to Update Your FAFSA Information

The FAFSA is the form college students fill to get financial aid from the federal government. All personal and financial information that you fill in your form must be accurate at the time of submitting of your FAFSA. The federal government uses this information to calculate your EFC or Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Your EFC is …
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7 Steps To Appealing An Award Letter For More Aid

When a college accepts your application, they will send you an award letter (also known as an offer letter). This will detail the amount of money a school is willing to give you in financial aid. If you think you didn’t get enough financial aid, you can appeal for more. Just to be clear, you …
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College Award Letter Mistakes To Avoid

An award letter contains detailed information about how much financial assistance that college is offering you. It includes all grants, scholarships, student loans, and work-study programs that you’re being offered. Along with the breakdown of the different types of financial aid, the award letter also contains the respective award amounts. Reviewing award letters can be …
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How To Write Applications For Scholarships

There are thousands of scholarships available every year, each of which awards students for different attributes. Some may award students for accomplishments in sports, others may award for academic excellence. Still others award students for belonging to a certain demographic or demonstrating a unique talent. But how do you get them? Here’s how to write …
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How Does A 529 Plan Work?

The fA 529 plan is a type of savings account that is meant to save money specifically towards college. The biggest benefit of this plan is that it offers tax breaks if the money is used for qualified expenses. But how does a 529 savings plan work? What is a 529 Plan? Every 529 plan …
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Virtual Scholarship Interview Tips

The pandemic and the need for social distancing has changed the ways scholarship interviews are being conducted. With in-person interviews being out of the question, scholarship interviews are now being conducted virtually using video technology. These interviews follow the style of traditional in-person interviews but there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. …
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What Is The Average Net Price Of College?

Everyone agrees that college is expensive. However, what remains confusing for many families is how much college actually costs. When researching the cost of college, you’ll come across two main terms – sticker price and net price. Understanding what each term means and the difference between the two is important. As is the average net …
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The Importance Of Understanding Your College Offer Letters

Once a college accepts your application, the first thing they do is to put together a customized offer letter. These offer letters contains all information about financial aid awards the school is willing to offer you. Understanding the different components of each offer letter is key to being able to make an informed decision about …