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State Grants for Pennsylvania

Did you know that Pennsylvania offers several state grants to students to help make college more affordable and accessible? We’ve outlined some of their programs, plus provided details on how you can find out more information and apply below. Pennsylvania State Grants 1. Pennsylvania State Grant The Pennsylvania State Grant is hosted by the Pennsylvania …
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Your Guide to Student Checking Accounts

Student checking accounts are designed with a range of features that are tailored to meet the unique needs of students enrolled in colleges and universities. The aim of checking accounts for college students is to simplify money management for first-time account holders. Opening a student checking account is a great way to lay a solid …
Oregon State University campus - do high college acceptance rates equate the the quality of the school?
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State Grants for Oregon College Students

Oregon has a number of grants dedicated to students who are going to college! If you’re interested in applying, we’ve outlined some of the details and qualifications below plus provide some links to help you get additional information. Oregon State Grants 1. Oregon Opportunity Grant The Oregon Opportunity Grant, or OOG, is a state-funded grant …
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Is Tuition Insurance Worth It?

What is tuition insurance, and is it worth it? There’s no single answer that’s right for all students. Buying tuition insurance can add to the already high cost of college. On the other hand, it can protect you financially should you find yourself in a position where you need to withdraw from school but your …
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How To Go to College Debt Free (Or with Less Debt)

No one wants to graduate college under a mountain of student loan debt that needs to be repaid. And as a result, some students are actually forgoing the college experience all together in order to save their future finances. While sometimes it is unavoidable if you want to go to a particular college or study a …
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10 Best Student Checking Accounts

Student checking accounts come with a number of features and perks that make it easier for college students to manage their money and build a banking history. These accounts typically have built-in automation tools that help you develop better saving habits, pay bills on time, and avoid overdrafts. You’ll also get access to a debit …
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States that Offer Programs for Free or Reduced Cost Community College

Did you know that several states offer free or reduced community college tuition to their students? Taking advantage of these programs can be a great way to start your education and save money! Below, we’ve outlined all of the states that currently have programs to make attending community colleges more affordable. States That Offer Free …
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Fresh Start Program: What Students Need to Know

The Fresh Start program is a one-time, temporary program introduced by the U.S. Department of Education. The goal is to offer relief for borrowers with defaulted federal student loans after forbearance ends in October 2023. Students who meet certain criteria can sign up for Fresh Start to receive the program’s benefits. This includes restored access …
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State Grants for Oklahoma for College Students

For students planning to go to college in Oklahoma, the state has several different grants and scholarship programs to help make school more affordable. Keep reading to learn more about Oklahoma’s Promise, military scholarships, academic scholarships, and others. Oklahoma State Grants for College Students 1. Oklahoma’s Promise Oklahoma’s Promise is a program dedicated to helping …