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Man and woman shaking hands during Penn State Fall Career Days Fair.
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Companies That Help Pay Student Loans

As your college graduation draws near, you may wonder, how will I pay off these student loans? There’s no doubt that college is expensive and while scholarships and grant aid can help, many students are required to take out loans to bridge the gap. Thankfully, you may not be alone in paying it back. Some …
Grounds of campus in Northeast Indiana.
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State Grants for Indiana Students

Indiana has quite a few scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs for its students! We’ll give you the rundown on a few down below plus some additional information and resources that can make college more affordable for Indiana students. Indiana College Grants 1. 21st Century Scholarship The 21st Century Scholars program is an early college …
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State Grants for Illinois Students

The state of Illinois has several grants available to students within the state. We’ll cover some of them below and supply further resources so you can get more information on financial aid available to Illinois students. Illinois College Grants 1. Monetary Award Program (MAP)  MAP is available to Illinois students who have demonstrated financial need …

State Grants for Idaho Students

The state of Idaho offers a number of grants, scholarships, and programs that can help make college more affordable. Here are some details and resources to help you get started! Idaho College Grants 1. Idaho Opportunity Scholarship The Idaho Opportunity Scholarship awards up to $3,500 each academic year and it is renewable (for up to …

State Grants for Hawaii Students

Hawaii does not have a Department of Higher Education, but they still have grants available to college students! Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning on attending college in the island state, and how you can find further information. Hawaii College Grants 1. UH Opportunity Grant For students who are attending the University …
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State Grants for Georgia Students

Did you know that Georgia has several scholarship, grant, and loan programs available to its students? We cover just a few of them below, plus include some information on how you can get further details on Georgia’s programs! Georgia College Grants 1. HOPE Scholarship The HOPE scholarship is a merit-based award for Georgia students. The …
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State Grants for Florida Students

Florida has quite a few grants, programs, and scholarships to help students afford college in the state! We’ve listed a few of these below! Florida College Grants 1. Bright Futures Scholarship The most well-known scholarship program in Florida is the Bright Futures Scholarship which can cover up to 100% of tuition cost and is renewable …
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State Grants for Delaware Students

Delaware has quite a few college grants and scholarships available to its students and updates its page regularly to keep individuals abreast of any new or removed awards. Keep reading to learn more about these awards, how you can apply, and further information about financial aid in the state. Delaware College Grants 1. Bradford Barnes …