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The New SAVE Plan For Federal Student Loans

The SAVE (Saving on a Valuable Education) plan is the latest income-driven repayment plan initiated by the federal government The SAVE plan offers several unique benefits that will lower payments and make them more affordable for many borrowers This is the most affordable plan for student loan borrowers The SAVE Plan replaces the REPAYE program …
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State Grants for Texas College Students

Texas is home to some amazing colleges and universities – and state grants, loans, and other financial aid programs for students. Many students don’t even realize their home state can help them afford college! Here are some Texas college grants you need to be aware of. State Grants for Students in Texas 1. Toward EXcellance, …
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State Grants for Utah College Students

College can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but one way students can cut down on this expense is to apply to state grants. The state of Utah actually offers several grants, scholarships, and programs that can make college more affordable for its students. Here are some state grants for Utah students that you need …
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What To Do If Your Lender Closes

If you have a student loan with a lender who is closing, you still need to make payments on the loan. Make sure to check your mail or email from your old lender to find out what, if any steps, you need to take next. Your old lender will likely sell your loan to a …
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How to Safely Apply and Search For Scholarships Online

Scholarships are a great way to save money on college tuition and fees. When you apply for scholarships online, look for red flags including: required payments, “guaranteed” awards, sales seminars, and unsecured websites. Using reputable databases can help students and their families avoid scholarship scams. Scholarships are a great way to make college more affordable …
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State Grants for Washington DC College Students

Do you live in Washington DC and plan on staying in the area for college? There are several state grants dedicated to students in the DC area, even for those who are planning on leaving the city to attend college in another state! Below, we’ve outlined some of the grants the country’s capital offers and …
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What is SAI vs EFC?

SAI replaces EFC in the 2024-2025 FAFSA. SAI is the number that colleges will use to assess your eligibility for financial aid. It’s a significant, more streamlined change from the EFC system previously used and is meant to provide a more straightforward student aid calculation for families and prospective students.  Navigating the maze of federal …
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11 Easy to Apply for Scholarships

Easy to Apply for Scholarships Citizens $15,000 Sweepstake Scholarship College Raptor Scholarship Niche $50,000 No Essay Scholarship Scholarship360 $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship Tall Clubs International Scholarship Because College is Expensive Scholarship $10,000 CollegeXpress Scholarship “Be Bold” No-Essay Scholarship No Essay CollegeVine Scholarship Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship When it comes to finding …
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What Is A Last-Dollar Scholarship?

A last dollar scholarship is a form of need-based financial aid. It’s designed to bridge the funding gap between the total cost of college and the financial aid you’ve received. If you’ve exhausted all available sources of funding but still need additional funds to cover your college costs, you may be able to get a …

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