Paying for College

How to Release a Student Loan Co-Signer

Pens and pencils a co-signer might use student loans

When it comes to getting student loans, most young borrowers will need a co-signer in order to qualify for a loan. Co-signers, in essence, are responsible for paying back a loan if the borrower is somehow unable to. This can hurt the co-signer’s personal finances and credit score if things go badly. So is it …

Examples of Work Study Programs

Student working at a library as part of a work study program financial aid

If you were accepted for a work study program as part of your financial aid or are looking to make money between courses, you may be curious about what type of jobs are available to you on campus. Each college is different when it comes to what they offer, but it’s entirely possible to apply …

Scholarships For Actuarial Science Majors


Actuarial science is the application of mathematics and statistics to assess risk in fields such as finance and insurance. This field involves the rigorous study of probability, statistics, mathematics, economics, finance and lately, computer science. In the past few years, actuarial science has grown to become a field that is highly desirable and sought after. …

Scholarships For Aerospace Engineering Majors


Aerospace Engineering majors can lead to some very exciting careers but the level of precision required in these fields requires many years of study and hard work. Fortunately, there are several generous scholarships available to help cover the expensive college tuition. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarship Program The American Institute of Aeronautics …

Why You Should File the FAFSA ASAP!

The clock is ticking file your fafsa now financial aid

The FAFSA—the Free Application for Federal Student Aid—opens every year on October 1st. The form grants students access to federal student aid in the forms of scholarships, grants, work study opportunities, and federal student loans. You’ve probably heard that you should file the FAFSA as soon as you can, but what’s the rush? The FAFSA …