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Student Loan Scams: 4 Red Flags

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With student loan debt soaring into the trillions, an unsolicited e-mail or phone call from a company claiming that they can help forgive and eliminate your student loan debt may seem like a dream come true. But beware—this dream is more likely to turn into a nightmare. Student loan scams are more rampant than you may …

Does Your GPA Affect Your Student Loans?

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The subject of student loans is mired in misconceptions and myths. One thing that many students wonder about is whether or not their GPA affects their student loans. Some students think it does, some think it doesn’t. So what’s the right answer—does GPA affect student loans or not? Let’s take a look at the relation between …

Education Dept. Plans to Reform Student Loan Repayment System Fall Through

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had plans to reform the federal student loan repayment system student loans

12/19/2018 Nobody said that the government, federal student loans, student debt, and repayment plans were simple concepts. They interweave in often frustratingly complicated ways, and leave borrowers scratching their heads when it comes time to repay. However, this past year the Education Department had plans to reform the federal student loan repayment system and make …

5 FAFSA Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

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Are you applying to college but have decided not to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid? Several surprising reports have stated that many families decide against filing the FAFSA simply because they have heard that it is only for students from low-income families. This is not true at all. Several factors go into …