State Grants for Vermont College Students

Vermont only has two state grants for its residents and students: the Vermont Grant and the Short-term Training: Advancement Grant. However, the state does offer a number of resources to help its students better afford college including a whole booklet of Vermont Student Assistance Corp (VSAC) assisted scholarships. We’ve outlined these two college grants for students and other programs within Vermont below.

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Vermont State Grants

1. Vermont Grant

One of the two available state college grants in Vermont is the Vermont Grant. It is for full-time or part-time students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree or a certificate program (with a few exceptions). The amount the student receives depends on a number of factors including how much funding is available that year, the student’s financial situation, and the total cost of college. These grants are first-come, first-serve and timing can also affect how much the student is granted.

To apply for the Vermont Grant, which is renewable for up to 10 semesters, applicants need to:

  • Create a MYVSAC Account
  • Complete the Vermont Grant application
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the state deadline

This grant is available to Vermont students whether or not they go to school within the state which is not often seen among other college grants!

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2. Short-Term Training: Advancement Grant

For Vermont residents who are not high school students and are enrolling in non-degree courses or programs to advance their skills in the workplace, there is the Short-Term Training. Advancement Grant. Funding can also vary depending on the applicant’s financial situation, choice of program, total course cost, and timing. The grant can be put towards 2 courses a term and 6 enrollment terms overall.

After creating a MYVSAC account, those interested in applying for this grant will have to submit information on:

  • The program, school, and enrollment term
  • What financial aid the student is already receiving
  • The name of the course, related costs, and start date
  • Financial details
  • Personal details

3. VSAC-Assisted Scholarships

While there may only be two state grants in Vermont, there are quite a few VSAC-assisted scholarships that students should look into. Every year, the VSAC releases a booklet detailing the available awards, eligibility requirements, required documents, renewability, award amount, selection criteria, number of estimated applicants, and number of awards.

Some examples of these scholarships include:

  • VSAC Board of Directors Scholarship (Dennis O’Brien)
    • For high school seniors of immigrants
    • Awards $1,000 to one student
    • Students must have demonstrated need, 2.5 GPA or higher, be involved in school and the community, and complete the FAFSA
  • VSAC Board of Directors Scholarship (David Coates)
    • For students pursuing an undergraduate degree in business, accounting, or finance
    • Awards up to $1,500 to two students
    • Students must be a first-generation student, demonstrate financial need, be involved in school and the community, and complete the FAFSA
  • Sister Elizabeth Candon Scholarship
    • For female single parent students (child under the age of 12) who are pursuing an undergraduate degree
    • Awards $1,000 to one student
    • Students must demonstrate financial need, complete the FAFSA, and submit family information

Where Can You Find More Information on Vermont State Grants?

For more information on these available state grants in Vermont, head over to the VSAC website. Students can also sign up for their accounts on that page. For information about VSAC-assisted scholarships and other awards in the state, students can find more information here. Make sure to download the Scholarships Booklet for details on the scholarships we listed above and dozens of others.

Once you’ve finished applying to the awards you qualify for in Vermont, it’s time to broaden your search. There are thousands of awards, scholarships, and grants available to future college students across the country – and College Raptor makes it easy to find them. Use our Scholarship Search tool today!

Not a resident of Vermont? Find education grants for the state in which you reside.