8 Great Podcasts for Parents of College Bound Teens

Navigating applying for college, financial aid, scholarships, and more can be overwhelming and confusing! And not only for college-bound students – for their parents as well. It’s a lot to handle. But if you want to get on top of the must-know information, even amid your busy schedule, we highly recommend starting with these podcasts for parents. They are detailed with helpful information and tips to help you and your future college student navigate the coming years!

8 Podcasts for Parents

1. The College Prep Podcast

The College Prep Podcast is a great place to start. They cover everything from “the point of college” to the importance of financial literacy and community service to the SAT. It’s a fantastic resource for parents and students alike, as much of the information covered in this podcast can benefit both parties. 

2. The College Parent Podcast

Previously known as Ready For, the College Parent Podcast is presented by the Office of Residence Life at Belmont University. Parents can find informative pieces on job searches, homesickness their child is likely to experience, faith, emergencies, and more. It’s also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify if you want to listen to it on the road!

3. USA College Chat

USA College Chat is another option for both parents and high school students. This particular podcast, also known as NYCollegeChat, was created by the non-profit, Policy Studies in Education (PSE), and aims to help parents and their kids better understand college, college life, finances, and more. Some particular episodes cover “Why the College’s Cost Matters” and “Why the College’s Security Measures Matter.”

4. Getting In

Are you and your college-bound student afraid they won’t be getting any acceptance letters to their schools? It’s a normal fear, but one that can be avoided with the right approach to applications. Getting In is produced by Slate and features a group of high school seniors who went through the same process your student is going through. It was done in real-time, so the last episode was released in 2016. In addition to the journey, parents can also listen to the experts give answers to their most pressing questions.

5. Prepped and Polished Podcast

If you’re helping your teen with their coursework and study for the SAT or ACT, the Prepped and Polished Podcast is for you (and them). The episodes cover a wide range of topics from managing stress to navigating school with learning disabilities. Students and their parents can also walk away with valuable tips on studying, tutoring, and test-taking!

6. College Parent Central Podcast

You don’t stop being a parent simply because your child has gone to college! And this podcast, College Parent Central, covers just that and more. This podcast covers topics like the pandemic fallout, parents’ concerns, understanding their college-bound student, and fostering their independence. Their website also has a ton of resources for parents and students, workshops, glossaries, and more. 

7. Taming the High Cost of College

Everyone knows – college is expensive. Part of sending your student to college (and helping them pay for it) is knowing where to save money! Taming the High Cost of College covers just that. This podcast talks about how you can reduce the stress of paying tuition, saving money, planning for the high costs, and more. Some episodes also cover things like organization in class, parenting, mental health and wellness, getting into law school, and accessible education.

8. Your College-Bound Kid

Your College-Bound Kid podcast (YCBK) is another weekly podcast that covers a wide range of college-related topics. Some recent episodes have been on chatbots, artificial intelligence, Purdue, admissions, education trends, and more. Interviews are also conducted with college-related experts, including those from particular schools! The podcast got its start back in February 2018, so there is a lot of material to take advantage of, too.

A lot goes into preparing your teenager for college. From paying for their education to helping them with the application process, it’s no wonder families feel overwhelmed! Using the right resources, however, can make all the difference during this stressful time and give you the essential details you need to make an informed decision about your financial future and your child’s education. These podcasts are a good starting point for parents to get that information!

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