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What Can Affect My College Acceptance Odds?

The list of important factors that can affect your college acceptance odds is LONG. Though there are many commonalities between schools, not all colleges factor them into your acceptance odds the same way. For example, your choice of major may affect your acceptance odds at a few schools but it won’t have any impact on your …
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What Happens if You Back Out of Early Decision?

Is early decision binding? If you applied for early decision and are having second thoughts or something major is going on in your life, you may be worried about backing out of the contract. Here’s what may happen if you decide not to accept your early decision offer. Nothing, If You Back Out With Good …
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Can Your Declared Major Affect Your Acceptance Odds?

Students applying for college want to have every edge they can when it comes to their application college acceptance odds, especially when it involves a dream school. So many students wonder if their intended major will alter their college acceptance odds or not. Here’s what you need to know. Each School is Different Every school …
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Should You Get a Tutor to Prepare for the ACT / SAT?

With so much emphasis put on these two entrance exams, it makes sense that people want to go above and beyond to prepare. After all, the scores you can affect more than just acceptance odds, they can determine your eligibility for scholarships too! When free prep methods don’t feel like enough, should you turn to …
What are the benefits of graduating high school early?
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Is it Worth Graduating Early from High School?

With most states allowing high school students to graduate at the age of sixteen, you have an important decision to make. Should you try graduating high school early, or should you graduate at the same time as your classmates? What are the benefits of graduating high school early? What about downsides? While there are benefits …
How often should you see your high school guidance counselor?
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How Often Should You Visit Your High School Counselor?

High school guidance counselors are an amazing resource when it comes to college prep. They can assist with class scheduling, college search, give you info on college fairs, and more. So how often should you check in with your high school guidance counselor? Once a semester for scheduling Even if you’re super sure you’ve selected …
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How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

“How many colleges should I apply to?” is one of those questions that come up every year as a new batch of high school graduates starts their college application process. It is a valid question. Everyone will tell you how important it is to create a list of colleges. While that is great advice, it …
When should you visit your high school guidance counselor?
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When Should I Visit My High School Counselor?

Putting together a college application is a long, complex process. There are several elements that you have to work on simultaneously to create a strong application that will impress the college admissions authorities. During the process, you are sure to have questions or need some advice or guidance. The best person to go to when …