What is the NSHSS?

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) is a group for advanced students who have distinguished themselves among their peers. Students can join if they meet certain academic criteria and take advantage of several benefits, including exclusive scholarships. Keep reading to learn how you can qualify, the perks you can enjoy, and other details about the NSHSS.

How Do You Qualify to Join NSHSS?

To qualify to join the NSHSS, students need to meet certain academic requirements and still be in high school. Any one of these achievements can allow you to gain membership:

  • Have a 3.5 GPA (out of 4.0) or equivalent
  • Earn at least a 1280 SAT score
  • Earn at least an 1150 PSAT score
  • Earn at least a 26 ACT score
  • Score at least a 4 on an AP exam
  • Score at least a 36 on IB test scores
  • Rank top 10% of class
  • Earn at least a Grade A for IGCSE

How Do You Become a Member of the NSHSS?

Students have to be nominated to the NSHSS to gain membership. If the individual qualifies but did not receive an invitation to join, they can ask an educator or guidance counselor at their school to nominate them or ask to join by completing an application. 

There is a one-time fee of $75 to join and covers lifetime membership.

Benefits of Joining The NSHSS

There are several benefits students can take advantage of if they join the NSHSS. They can include:

  • Access to unique scholarships
  • Access to academic competitions
  • Member-only content and resources
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Peer networking
  • Discounts from certain organizations and programs thanks to their partnership with the NSHSS including SAT/ACT prep resources and study abroad opportunities
  • Volunteer and service options

These benefits don’t go away after you graduate either. Students will still have access to scholarship applications, internships, and more. College members may even be able to attend events such as the Nobel Prize awards.

Scholarships are available to NSHSS Members

NSHSS members can apply for several scholarships, grants, and other awards. The society grants over 2 million dollars to students each year.

A few examples of awards available to NSHSS members include:

1. United Planet Merit Scholarships

Students applying for the United Planet Merit Scholarship can win a full scholarship, $500, or $250 for various abroad internship and volunteer opportunities. Available countries for the award amounts can vary and students need to be over the age of 16 to apply. Other requirements are:

  • Submit 500 words answering the provided question
  • Photo headshot
  • Transcript
  • Parent approval if you’re under the age of 18
  • Academic resume
  • Be planning to participate in the opportunity during specific dates
  • Recommendation from educator

2. Greg Goff Leadership Award

The Greg Goff Leadership Award offers five students $2,000 that can be put towards their first year of college and related expenses. To apply, students need to submit

  • 500-word essay answering one of the two provided questions
  • Photo headshot
  • Academic resume
  • Recommendation from educator
  • Transcript

You can also choose to submit a form of media showing your leadership abilities in action.

3. NSHSS STEAM Scholarship

Planning to major in a STEAM field (science, medicine, technology, engineering, arts, or math)? You may just want to apply for the NSHSS STEAM Scholarship then. It awards 10 students with $1,000 that can be put towards their education.

Qualification requirements include:

  • 500 – 800 word essay answering the provided question
  • Photo headshot
  • Academic resume
  • Recommendation from educator
  • Transcript

4. Abercrombie and Fitch Your Personal Promise Scholarship

Another award available to NSHSS members is the Abercrombie and Fitch Your Personal Promise Scholarship. It grants 10 students $2,500 and it is renewable up to $10,000. To apply, students must

  • Be graduating high school in Spring 2022
  • Provide media with a personal purpose statement (such as a video, art, or another form)
  • Write a 500 – 800 word essay that answers a variety of questions
  • Photo headshot
  • Academic resume
  • Transcript
  • Recommendation from educator

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the National Society of High School Scholars, we fully recommend that you head over to their website to learn more about becoming a member, the perks, benefits, and qualifications. There are also a number of resources that can help you in the coming years, especially as you prepare to apply to colleges.

If you’re looking for additional scholarships that don’t require NSHSS membership, you can also head over to College Raptor’s Scholarship Search Tool to identify the best awards for you!