What To Do After Graduation

So, you’ve graduated high school – now what? Well, first off, congratulations on graduation! You’ve done a wonderful job and your whole life is ahead of you. This is a time for celebration, but it’s also a time for planning. So here are some tips and ideas on what to do after your graduate high school!

1. Celebrate

Before anything else, you should take time to celebrate your achievement! You finished 12 or more years of hard work and dedication, and you deserve to be recognized for that. Whether you head out to your favorite restaurant with family or spend a weekend at the beach with friends (or both), there are plenty of things you can do to honor your high school graduation! You could also attend a concert, buy something that you’ve always wanted, or hold a graduation party. It’s all up to you! Your family may even have something in mind!

2. Enjoy Summer

Of course, you should also plan to enjoy your summer. If you’re heading to college in the fall, you’ll want to soak up this break time and make the most of it. Trust me, when you’re out of college, you’ll miss those three months off! 

However, you enjoy summer is entirely up to you. You can spend it by the pool, at the beach, reading, relaxing, sleeping in, and more!

You can also plan to have an adventure. Maybe you want to take a trip to Europe or go on a hike on the Appalachian Trail. Your options may be limited by your budget here, but your summer after high school graduation is a special one, so mixing it up with some adventurous activities can be truly memorable. 

3. Work

Another thing you might want to consider after your high school graduation is getting a short-term job. You may already have one from when you were in school, too. But working some hours during the summer can help you build up your savings before you head off to college, especially if you’re not planning on working during your education. 

Depending on where you live, you likely have a few options for short-term work such as a local camp, gaming store, grocery store, or elsewhere. Try putting your applications in before you graduate to have a job lined up during the summer though, or you might find you’re getting callbacks a little too late to take the position.

Others may be entering the workforce straight out of high school. If you’re in this boat, you’ll want to brush up on your resume, think about career fields, and start applying to full-time positions that suit your long-term goals.

4. Volunteer

You can also use this time to volunteer! From the animal shelter to local nonprofits, there is sure to be something that fits in with your goals and passion. And not only will this help you give back to the community and give you a sense of fulfillment, but this work can also look amazing on resumes. It may even lead directly to a full-time position with the organization or a similar one.

Volunteer work can also give you life-long skills, help you make friends, and work as networking for your future.

5. Get Ready for College

If you’re planning on going to college in the fall, you’ll want to get ready. And don’t leave it until the last minute. There’s more to do than people realize! You’ll need to:

  • Attend orientation
  • Select your classes
  • Choose your dorm room or get an apartment
  • Buy your books and supplies
  • Craft a packing list (and don’t overpack or under pack!)
  • Pack
  • Take placement tests
  • Submit any documents or payments required by your school

6. Go to College

Many will be going to college after their high school graduation. And like preparing to go, you should have a plan for starting your education off on the right foot. You’ll want to

  • Introduce yourself to your roommate and/or suitemates
  • Decorate your dorm room
  • Know important dates including move-in dates, first day of classes, and others
  • Pay your college tuition
  • Complete any other tasks required by your college

High school graduation and the months that follow can truly be an exciting time of your life! Taking time to celebrate and enjoy the summer is an absolute must, but you will also want to think about the future. Whether that’s entering the workforce, going to vocational school, or attending college, it helps to know what to expect.

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