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College Early Decision Is Not For Everyone. Is It Right For You?

Applying early decision isn't right for everyone. questions & answers
Applying early decision means you have to submit your application in October or early November. This is several months before the regular application dates. Understanding the pros and cons of applying early decision will also help you make a more informed decision. Advantages of Applying Early Decision Early decision increases your chances of getting admission …
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What is the Common Black College Application?

A student smiling, standing by a table. questions & answers
The Common Application is well-known and well-used when it comes to applying to colleges. The Common Black College Application (CBCA) is a similar process with some key features. Whereas most of the time you pay application fees to each college you submit an application to, the Common Black College App allows you to apply to …
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Do Teacher Recommendations Really Make A Difference To Your College Admission Chances?

Do letter of recommendation for college actually affect your acceptance odds? questions & answers
It may not seem like a teacher letter of recommendation for college will make any difference to your college admission chances. After all, you have submitted your high school grades and a personal essay. Plus, information about your extracurricular activities. That should be enough for admissions officers to evaluate your application. So why do colleges …
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Should You Write About Money in Your College Essay?

Should you write about money in your college essay? questions & answers
There are several stories online about students who impressed colleges with their outstanding college essays that revolved around money. However, what you don’t read about are the thousands of college essays about money that failed to serve their purpose. So don’t get blindly swayed by these news articles and success stories. Writing about money in …
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Is the New SAT Easier Than the Old SAT?

Is the new SAT easier compared to the old SAT? questions & answers
As many of you know, the SAT underwent a huge redo in March of 2016. The administrators changed  a number of aspects of the exam, including the formatting and content. However, is the new SAT easier than the old SAT? In many ways, it is. No More Subject Jumping In prior editions of the multiple-choice …
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What is the TOEFL?

What is the TOEFL and why is it important? questions & answers
If you live in the United States or another English majority speaking country, it’s quite possible you’ve never heard of the TOEFL. It stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. However, if English wasn’t your first language, you may have to take it to attend a college in another country. Here are the …
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Should I Take Both the ACT and SAT?

A lot of students are taking the ACT and SAT, but should you take both ACT and SAT questions & answers
We’ve discussed some of the pros and cons of taking both ACT and SAT. Recent statistics show that many high school students—especially those applying to more exclusive schools—are taking both tests. But statistics cannot make a decision for you, especially when it is not necessary to take both standardized tests. Here are some questions you …
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