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Getting an online masters degree is a huge commitment.
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What Is A Master’s Degree: The Ultimate Guide

Many students consider pursuing a Master’s degree after earning their Bachelor’s degree. Some choose this path to gain specialized knowledge in their field, others choose it to increase their employment and earning potential. But what is a Masters degree? And how would it benefit you? Understanding what a Master’s degree is and how it may …
A close-up shot of a coding program.
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Best Way to Learn Python

As technology takes the world by storm, it’s important to be well-versed in the tech language. Programs like Python are super popular and a great way to break into the tech world. To learn Python, you can take courses or do it on your own with free resources. When you take courses, you’ll be able …
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How Hard is it to Get Into Harvard?

Getting into college can be difficult, but what about getting into Harvard University? Is it really as difficult as they say? Well, yes – it is quite tough to get accepted to Harvard! Here’s why and how you can work to increase your chances of getting an acceptance letter from this Ivy League. How Hard …
Should you use the Common Application when applying to colleges
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Why Isn’t There a Common App for Scholarships?

If you’re completing scholarship applications, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of forms you have to fill out and essays you need to complete. You wouldn’t be the first student to ask, “Why isn’t there a Common App for scholarships like there is for college applications?” Sadly, there are no standardized applications …
Two high school girls visiting a college before applying to it.
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How Much Harder is High School Than Middle School?

As you get ready to head into freshman year of high school, there’s no doubt there are some jitters. That’s okay! You might be pleasantly surprised to learn, however, that high school isn’t necessarily harder, but it is certainly different. High School vs. Middle School: Is It That Much Harder? It’s natural for classes to …
dorms in college.
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Requesting Dorms? How to Play the Game

Getting that perfect dorm room in the right location in the correct housing can be a bit stressful. If your dorm selection date is on the horizon, you need to know how to play the game, how selecting one works well ahead of time, and why you should never wait until last minute. Here’s the …
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Managing Stress (By Stress Personality Type)

Did you know your stress personality type can affect how stress impacts you and how you should manage it? A study from 2007 helped show how certain personality traits affect stress, how you react to it, and the methods that could help you get a handle on your anxiety levels. There are plenty of personality …
How often should you see your high school guidance counselor?
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Advice From Your High School Counselor

Your high school counselor wants you to start early, ask questions, and get the right start in life, but when is the last time you’ve been to your high school counselor? High school advisers are there to help you make the most of high school and start their journey after school. Whether that’s straight into …