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If I Have Good Grades, Will the ACT / SAT Be Easier?

There are a lot of benefits that come with good grades—increased college acceptance odds, more scholarship opportunities, honors awards, academic accolades, etc. You’ve worked hard to achieve those good grades, but it doesn’t mean you can necessarily coast when it comes to the ACT and SAT. Here’s why: Even 4.0 Students May Not Be Good …
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Why Do Some Colleges Require Subject Tests?

The SAT Subject Tests are a great way for students to show their academic prowess in a certain subject area. Not only can it earn them kudos on college applications, demonstrating their commitment to a subject or major, but sometimes colleges will actually require applicants to take a specific subject test. If a school requires …
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Do Colleges Check Your Social Media?

Do colleges check your social media?  According to a recent Kaplan survey, 68% of admissions officers say that viewing a prospective student’s social media pages is “fair game.” The profiles are public, after all, and reviewing social media can reveal just who that student is. So, do colleges check your social media? Yes. In fact, …
What are test optional colleges and why are some colleges not test optional?
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Why Do Some Colleges Require the ACT/SAT and Others Don’t?

While a majority of colleges and universities still do require students to submit their ACT/SAT test scores, there is a growing trend of schools that don’t require scores. These are known as test-optional schools.  Why Test-Optional? There is an ongoing debate about the validity of standardized testing exams. Some argue that they aren’t an accurate representation …
Do you have to take the SAT subject tests?
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Are SAT Subject Tests Required?

The aim of the general SAT test is to evaluate your reasoning skills and your readiness for college. The SAT Subject tests, on the other hand, is meant to assess your knowledge in a specific subject area. If you are wondering whether SAT subject tests are required, the answer is it depends. SAT Subject Tests Can …
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What Happens During College Orientation?

You’ve heard you should attend a college orientation as part of your selection process. It sounds exciting! But do you know exactly what is orientation in college and what happens during college orientation? Knowing what college orientation is and what to expect are important to helping you get the most from your orientation session. What …
The SAT score choice lets you pick individual scores from multiple different tests.
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What is SAT Score Choice?

If you take the SAT multiple times, you get the option of choosing which scores to send as part of your college application and which scores remain undisclosed. This is known as SAT Score Choice. Should I Submit These Scores? Students who are not happy with their SAT scores often choose to retake the test …