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What is a GED?

What is a GED and how is it graded? questions & answers
What is a GED? A GED, also known as the General Educational Development or General Education Diploma, is an alternative to a high school diploma. However, before deciding to take it in place of earning your diploma, there are some things you need to know. What Exactly Is The GED? A GED is for people …
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Can I Take the ACT or SAT in Another Language?

A visual of Google Translate, translating from English to Japanese. questions & answers
Students who have learned English as a second language might find the ACT and SAT tests to be intimidating since they rely pretty heavily on written English—particularly when it comes to the Reading, Writing, and Verbal sections. So is there a way an ESL or bilingual student could take the test in a language besides …
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The PSAT Can Help You Qualify for the National Merit Program…What About the PreACT?

Should you take the pre ACT test? What does it qualify you for? questions & answers
The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, allows students to prep for the SAT while also qualifying for scholarships and recognition from the National Merit Program. Here’s a quick rundown of the Pre ACT test and what you can expect after you complete it in regards to scholarships. No Direct Scholarships  Unlike the PSAT, the PreACT does …
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Why Do Colleges Require an Application Fee?

Why are there college application fees? questions & answers
Most colleges in the US require students to pay college application fees. With an average of around $40 to $50, the cost of applying to multiple schools can quickly add up. This can pinch your pocket real hard especially when you are already exploring loan options to cover your tuition. So why exactly do colleges …
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Should I Send Additional Materials Along with My College Application?

Should you send additional materials? questions & answers
After you’ve provided an application with all of the requested materials—high school transcript, ACT/SAT scores, honors, and awards, etc.—you might find a little section that says “Additional Materials”. If the option is there, it must mean you should send something, right? Should you send additional materials? Not necessarily. If possible, it’s best to show your …
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What is an ACT / SAT “Superscore?”

A superscore can be a blessing in disguise questions & answers
The thought of the ACT and SAT can fill many students with dread. Testing is never really fun, after all, and so much rides on the results of these two tests. But there are silver-linings and good news… If you take the test for a second (or third, or fourth) time, a superscore can be …
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