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What Does “Need-Blind Admissions” Mean?

What is need blind admission? questions & answers
“Need Blind Admission” means that a student’s financial situation will not be taken into consideration when deciding to admit, wait-list, or deny an applicant. In other words, the student’s ability to pay for a college education is not a factor in whether or not they get in. Students are only reviewed based on their merit—GPA, …
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What if My School Doesn’t Have Class Rank?

White sequential numbers printed on black boxes. questions & answers
When searching for colleges and filling out applications, you’re likely to find a list of things you should include in every application: GPA, of course, ACT/SAT test scores, a list of extracurriculars, an essay, maybe a letter of recommendation, and your class rank. But what if you don’t have a class ranking system? Does that …
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What are College Writing Centers?

What is a college writing center and how do students benefit from it? questions & answers
If you think that college writing centers are only for those who dream of becoming the next romantic William Shakespeare or horrifying Stephen King, you are on the wrong track. A college student’s journey entails a lot of writing tasks, whether it is a lab report, research paper, or essay. Having a friend or classmate …
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Why Do I Have to Take Electives? Why are Electives Important?

Student taking pictures of violet flowers on the ground. questions & answers
You might have heard the term “well-rounded student” before. That’s because that is the goal of most university programs. While the primary focus is on your specific degree, general education programs force students to venture outside their department. College electives do that on a different level. Whereas gen ed classes fulfill specific requirements (i.e., world …
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How Many Credit Hours Should I Take?

A chalk drawing of a clock, with text next to the right that says "how many credit hours should you take?" questions & answers
When I was an orientation leader for the University of Iowa, I worked with our campus academic advisors to help new students build their class schedules. This is one of the questions I was asked the most by students. Many new students come in with an outline of a schedule that they (or their parents) …
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What is Early Decision / Early Action for College?

A bird with a worm in its mouth. questions & answers
While planning out high school schedules or searching for colleges, you might have come across the terms “early decision” / “early action” (often abbreviated ED and EA). But what exactly are they? What’s the difference between the two? Let’s start with the overarching theme here, “early”. Both ED and EA allow high school students to …
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What Makes a Person a Nontraditional Student?

Even if you're a nontraditional student, you're still like any other student at the end of the day. questions & answers
Depending on your chosen college, you might hear quite a bit about “nontraditional” students. These are students who are considered to be outside the “normal” parameters for college students. And believe me, it doesn’t take much to be outside those parameters. If your typical college student is full-time, straight out of high school into college, …
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What Does Test-Flexible and Test-Required Mean?

Like this flexible pencil, there's also such thing as test-flexible and test-required questions & answers
Though the names themselves might be somewhat self-explanatory, many are surprised to hear that some colleges don’t actually require incoming students to submit ACT / SAT scores. Yes, you read that correctly. With all the emphasis put on ACT / SAT prep, test day, and results, it might seem strange that some colleges don’t actually …
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What is an Independent College Counselor?

How can an independent college counselor help you? questions & answers
Maybe you’ve heard of them, and maybe you haven’t. Sometimes referred to as Independent Educational Consultants, these counselors are frequently self-employed, or otherwise, work for consulting businesses. Independent College Counselors work to help students and their families navigate the college search and application process. Who do they work with? Counselors typically work with families that …
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