What is the Federal TRIO Talent Search Program?

Among the many federal college initiatives are a collection of 8 TRIO programs. One of them is known as the Talent Search (or TS). Here’s what you need to know:

What is the TRIO Talent Search Program?

The purpose of the Talent Search is to identify students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who show the potential to succeed in college. It’s all about encouraging students to pursue higher education by providing academic and financial counseling.

What Does TRIO TS Offer?

The program offers a number of beneficial services including: career exploration, financial aid literacy classes, alternative education services for dropouts, guidance for college applications, general education development, mentoring services, tutoring, and more.

Who is TRIO TS for?

The program is designed to benefit students from disadvantaged backgrounds including students with learning disabilities, from low-income families, homeless students, students in foster care, students who struggle with English as a second language, and more.

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