What Are the Advantages of Applying EA or ED?

Student on campus - choosing early action vs early decision makes a big difference

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Some of your classmates are choosing early application and others are considering early decision, but you are not sure whether either one is right for you. That’s not surprising. Many students are not sure how they may benefit by applying EA or ED and whether they should choose either of these routes. Understanding early action vs early decision will help you make a more informed decision.

Understanding Early Action vs Early Decision

Early Application

Early application means you have chosen to apply early. You may apply early to any number of colleges. Whether you get accepted or not is at the discretion of the school. The more colleges you apply to, the more likely it is you’ll get accepted to one, or even several, of them.

EA can be placed at any time, so long as they are received by the school prior to May 1.

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Early Decision

Early decision is slightly different. In early decision, you’ve already decided you want to go to your dream school, and so you’ve applied early to that college. No other schools other than this one have piqued your interest. In other words, you’ve decided.

ED means you already have your mind made up regarding a school, and you want to go.

Does Applying EA/ED Give You Any Advantage?

The biggest advantage with applying EA/ED is that you complete your application submission and get the response from the college early in the admissions cycle. Additionally, at many schools, applying EA/ED can boost your acceptance odds since the pool of applicants is generally smaller. (It’s also a great way to demonstrate your interest and earn you kudos.)

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