Advantages Of Enrolling In A Community College

There are plenty of advantages to attending a community college

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There are numerous myths that dissuade students from attending a community college. Unfortunately, the negative stigma attached to enrolling in community colleges overshadows the potential benefits that these colleges offer.

From saving a significant chunk on tuition fees to the opportunity for low-risk exploration and access to specialized training programs, enrolling in community college offers students a number of benefits.

Save Money on Tuition at a Community College

Enrolling in a public 4-year college can cost twice as much as attending a community college. This is just taking into account the tuition and fees.

The tuition and fees in a private 4-year college can set you back as much as 10 times more than that of community college.

Sure, there are several loan opportunities that you could pursue to pay the higher tuition fees of a public or private college, but student loans inevitably result in debt and high-stress levels. Applying to community college can save you from all of those nasty scenarios. No dealing with loans, debt, or unnecessary stress. As an additional bonus—think of all the things you can do with the money that you save.

Are you hesitant because you’ve heard that the quality of education is lower in community college? That’s just another myth. Community colleges may not have the fancy facilities spread out over sprawling campuses, or those much-talked-about student clubs but the education they provide is on par with any other college, 4-year or otherwise.

You Get Much-Needed Flexibility With Regards to Class Schedules

Most community colleges offer flexible class schedules that are designed with the non-traditional student in mind. If you are a parent or a full-time worker or you can only attend part-time because of family responsibilities, and other commitments, attending community college gives you the flexibility you need.

Attending evening and weekend classes allows you to pursue a degree or certificate without compromising on your other commitments, whether it is a day job or family responsibilities. You may have to spend time exploring individual community colleges to find one that meets all of your requirements but it is well worth it.

It’s an Inexpensive Way to Explore Your Major

Not sure what you want to major in after you graduate from high school? Enrolling in a community college offers you a more affordable way to explore different fields that interest you before committing to a major.

Compare this with attending a 4-year college. Dropping out of a program because you’ve decided it’s not a good fit for you would set you back thousands of dollars even if you dropped out after just one year. That’s a lot of money to put into something you are not sure about and if you have taken a student loan, your debt will keep mounting.

Whether you are looking for lower tuition fees, flexible class schedules, or more time to explore your interests, enrolling in a community college is definitely the way to go.

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