Do AP Test Scores Affect Your Acceptance Odds?

Study materials for an ap class - the student may wonder if ap scores affect acceptance odds

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If you’re taking AP classes, you may be wondering “Do AP scores affect acceptance odds for colleges?” Here’s a rundown of whether or not they affect your chances of admission and why AP courses can help in your college education.

Do AP University Courses Scores Affect Admission to Colleges?

Actually, AP scores don’t affect admission to college! In most cases, you will be taking your AP courses in your senior year. By the time you take the tests for the classes, you most likely would have already heard back from colleges about your acceptance. Even if you were wait-listed, these tests won’t affect your admission chances. Additionally,

But Taking the AP Class Itself Can Boost Your Admission Chances

Even though the test doesn’t affect your admission chances, taking the course can. Your potential colleges will see you are challenging yourself and willing to take that extra step for your education. Academic rigor is very important. This could be truly beneficial to your overall applications and could be the thing you need to get into a certain college.

There are Other Benefits to Taking the AP Class and Test

There is more to an AP course than simply looking good to colleges, thankfully! And there are reasons to do well on the test.

Scoring Well Can Result in College Credits

If you score a 4 or 5, for example, many colleges, both public and private, will give you college credit for that specific course. Even if you get a 3, your college may offer you an elective credit. This can significantly cut down on costs and put you ahead of the game during your freshman year.

You Can Apply For Scholarships

AP classes can also open doors to certain scholarships, again saving you money. Some states and colleges offer awards specifically for students who have done well on AP tests.

They’re Good Prep For SAT Subject Tests

Some programs within colleges and universities will require you to take an SAT Subject Test to be accepted. An AP class in the same subject is a valuable resource for studying for the standardized test and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

You May Still Want To Report your AP Test Scores to Your College

While your AP scores won’t affect your college admission chances, many schools may still request (or even require) that you submit the information once you receive your results. It’s still important to try to do well on the exam, as either skipping it entirely or scoring poorly after doing well in the class can raise red flags.

If you’re struggling with an AP course or not doing quite as well as you like, there’s no doubt you were wondering if AP scores affect admission. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry. It’s still absolutely beneficial to do well on the exam, but it won’t hurt your chances of admission. If you are having trouble in your AP class though, talk with your teacher. They’re there to help you through the course and they’re your number one resource to doing well on the test.

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