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What are the benefits of graduating high school early?
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Is it Worth Graduating Early from High School?

With most states allowing high school students to graduate at the age of sixteen, you have an important decision to make. Should you try graduating high school early, or should you graduate at the same time as your classmates? What are the benefits of graduating high school early? What about downsides? While there are benefits …
How often should you see your high school guidance counselor?
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How Often Should You Visit Your High School Counselor?

High school guidance counselors are an amazing resource when it comes to college prep. They can assist with class scheduling, college search, give you info on college fairs, and more. So how often should you check in with your high school guidance counselor? Once a semester for scheduling Even if you’re super sure you’ve selected …
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How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

“How many colleges should I apply to?” is one of those questions that come up every year as a new batch of high school graduates starts their college application process. It is a valid question. Everyone will tell you how important it is to create a list of colleges. While that is great advice, it …
When should you visit your high school guidance counselor?
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When Should I Visit My High School Counselor?

Putting together a college application is a long, complex process. There are several elements that you have to work on simultaneously to create a strong application that will impress the college admissions authorities. During the process, you are sure to have questions or need some advice or guidance. The best person to go to when …
Registering for freshman classes can be exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming
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Do You Sign Up For Freshman Classes At Orientation?

Registering for freshman classes can be both exciting and challenging. Some students find it simply overwhelming to navigate their way through all of the classes offered and make a decision. Fortunately, most colleges organize the orientation in a way that makes it easier for new students to make informed decisions and sign up for freshman …
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What is the Common Black College Application?

The Common Application is well-known and well-used when it comes to applying to colleges. The Common Black College Application (CBCA) is a similar process with some key features. Whereas most of the time you pay application fees to each college you submit an application to, the Common Black College App allows you to apply to …
Should you write about money in your college essay?
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Should You Write About Money in Your College Essay?

There are several stories online about students who impressed colleges with their outstanding college essays that revolved around money. However, what you don’t read about are the thousands of college essays about money that failed to serve their purpose. So don’t get blindly swayed by these news articles and success stories. Writing about money in …
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Is the New SAT Easier Than the Old SAT?

As many of you know, the SAT underwent a huge redo in March of 2016. The College Board changed a number of aspects of the exam, including the formatting, content, and timing. However, is the new SAT easier than the old SAT? In many ways, it is. How the New SAT is Easier No More …

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