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Should You Apply Early Decision or Early Action When Financial Aid Matters?

early decision and financial aid questions & answers
Many students and families make difficult decisions when choosing whether to apply Early Decision or Early Action. Particularly, what kind of financial commitment are you making by applying during one of these windows? What if the college doesn’t offer you enough financial aid to make it an affordable option? How does the relationship between early …
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Should I Take IB Classes in High School? How to Determine if International Baccalaureate Courses Are Right For You

Are IB classes for you? questions & answers
International Baccalaureate, or IB, classes, are a bit like AP classes, but not entirely. It depends on a lot of factors if you should take an IB class in high school. We’ll highlight those factors below. Students may be confused when they have the opportunity to choose between IB and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Here …
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Should I Take AP Classes? How to Decide if Advanced Placement Courses Are Right for You

Photograph of a student studying and working on advanced placement courses work. questions & answers
If college is a possibility for you, you should consider taking Advanced Placement courses (AP) if your high school offers them. There are many advantages to taking more challenging classes. In addition to possibly giving you an edge in college admissions, the courses could also have a positive effect on your college life. It can …
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How Many Extracurricular Activities Should I Be Doing? Is More, More? Or Is More, Less?

Photograph of a high school student in the marching band, representing a student who is involved in extracurricular activities questions & answers
A common conversation I have with prospective students and families is related to extracurricular activities. Parents will rightfully boast about their child’s involvement with this, that, and the other, while the student is worried that they either doing too much or not enough. The latter thought from the student can become a troubling one as …
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Should I Apply Early Action to College ?

This diagram shows the process of applying to a college early action and the possible outcomes. questions & answers
A number of colleges give prospective students the option to apply early action. Early action (EA) is a non-binding program which allows students to receive admissions decisions in December rather than April. Unlike early decision, applying early action is not a commitment to a single college. Is EA right for you? Applying Early Action can …
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Should I Apply Early Decision to College?

Chart shows the differences at a number of colleges and universities in admission rate for students that apply regular decision versus those who apply early decision. questions & answers
Prepared students with a single first choice college may consider applying early decision. Early decision is binding–meaning if you apply and are accepted early decision to a college, you are expected to go there, with almost no exception. There are a lot of reasons students apply this way. Many believe it’s easier to be accepted …
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