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Should I Take a Gap Year Before College?

There is a point in time in many high school students’ careers when every adult is suddenly asking them what they want to do with their lives. It is no longer the slightly endearing question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Instead, it becomes “Where are you going to college? What …
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What is Academic Rigor and Why is it So Important?

Simply put, rigor is the academic or intellectual challenge of a class. The more difficult the class, the more rigorous it is. More often than not, academic rigor does not refer to a single class, but a number of them within a student’s schedule. Rigor is more than just “how difficult a class is” however, …
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Questions to Ask at Orientation: A Checklist for Students and Parents (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Orientation covers a lot of information, and you may end up forgetting to ask some important questions during the session. So we’ve created a printable checklist of questions to ask at college freshman orientation to take with you–one for parents and one for students! Orientation speakers will likely cover many of these questions, but just …
Should you hire a college essay coach?
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Should I Hire a College Essay Coach?

There aren’t many rising high school seniors who enjoy the process of writing the college essay, but, let’s face it, it is a necessary evil. Happily, you don’t need to go it alone on the journey to write your college essay. But how much help should you have? How much is too much? Should you …
How does early decision and financial aid interact with each other?
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Should You Apply Early Decision or Early Action When Financial Aid Matters?

Many students and families make difficult decisions when choosing whether to apply Early Decision or Early Action. Particularly, what kind of financial commitment are you making by applying during one of these windows? What if the college doesn’t offer you enough financial aid to make it an affordable option? How does the relationship between early …
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How Many Times Should I Take the ACT or SAT?

First: There is no magic number for how many times a student should take the ACT or SAT. For some students, taking the test once may be enough. For others, they may need to take the test twice or even three times. There are no penalties for taking the tests multiple times or choosing to …
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Should I Take IB Classes in High School? How to Determine if International Baccalaureate Courses Are Right For You

International Baccalaureate, or IB, classes, are a bit like AP classes, but not entirely. It depends on a lot of factors if you should take an IB class in high school. We’ll highlight those factors below. Students may be confused when they have the opportunity to choose between IB and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Here …
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How Many Extracurricular Activities Should I Be Doing? Is More, More? Or Is More, Less?

A common conversation I have with prospective students and families is related to extracurricular activities. Parents rightfully boast about their child’s involvement with this, that, and the other. Meanwhile, the student worries that they either doing too much or not enough. The latter thought from the student can become a troubling one as it causes …