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Why are there college application fees?
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Do College Applications Cost Money?

Many college applications do cost some amount of money. However, the fee, if any depends on the school. Some colleges and universities in the United States can charge over $75 to apply to the school while others completely waive the fee, inviting students to apply free of charge. But this college application fee is only …
Should you send additional materials?
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Should I Send Extra Materials with My College Application?

After you’ve provided an application with all of the requested materials—high school transcript, ACT/SAT scores, honors, and awards, etc.—you might find a little section that says “Additional Materials”. If the option is there, it must mean you should send something, right? Should you send additional materials? Not necessarily. If possible, it’s best to show your …
A superscore can be a blessing in disguise
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What is an ACT / SAT “Superscore?”

The thought of the ACT and SAT can fill many students with dread. Testing is never really fun, after all, and so much rides on the results of these two tests. But there are silver-linings and good news… If you take the test for a second (or third, or fourth) time, a superscore can be …
Should you take AP or IB classes in high school?
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Which is Better: AP or IB Classes in High School?

As you continue through high school, if your grades are strong, you might have the opportunity to enter advanced classes. Two options include International Baccalaureates (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP). But which is the better option of the two? AP vs IB – What Are They?  First, before we can dive into which is better, …
Hay bales on a field.
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What are Rolling Admissions?

While you’re applying to college, you may have come across some schools on your list that use a rolling admission process. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect when applying to one of these colleges: What is it? Rolling admissions is a policy often used for freshman, undergraduates, and law schools. Instead of a …
Who should write your letter of recommendation
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Who Should Write My Letter of Recommendation?

Most colleges require prospective students to submit at least one letter of recommendation as part of their application.  Some colleges specify that this letter should ideally be written by one of your teachers. Even colleges that ask for more than one letter will usually state that at least one should be written by a teacher. …
Why are letter of recommendations so important?
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Why Are Letters of Recommendation So Important?

In addition to your high school transcripts, essay, and FAFSA paperwork, colleges will often require letters of recommendation as part of your application to the school. But why? They’re actually a huge part of the process and can provide a boost to your application. Here’s a few reasons why they’re so important: A View Into …