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How to Narrow Down Your College List

Are you struggling with the question: “how to narrow down college list”? If you have a large list of colleges to apply to, it can be tempting to just apply to each and every one. But it’s a better idea to narrow down your list and devote more time to each application, rather than spreading …
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What Counts as “Leadership Experience” on College Apps?

Undoubtedly you’ve seen a section on a college application (or a job application, for that matter) that asks about your leadership experience. Leadership is one of those key elements that college admissions officers look for in their applicants along with qualities like—responsibility, time management, dedication, and hard work. “Leadership” is a buzzword that will catch …
A student receives an acceptance letter after going through the college application process
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How to Apply to Colleges: A Complete Guide

Applying to colleges can feel overwhelming, especially while you’re dealing with your senior year of high school! Thankfully, there is a clear series of steps you can take and follow to ensure you’re getting everything done ahead of deadlines. Here are 11 steps you can follow in order to apply to your colleges from identifying …
As a student in a military family, the college search process can be tough.
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The College Search Process for Military Families

Searching for colleges and universities can be a hard enough process for students who have lived the majority of their lives in their high school’s town. For those students with family members who had to move constantly, the process is even more difficult. However, the adversity of having a parent (or parents) in the armed …
How do you choose which college essay topic you want to write on
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How to Choose a College Application Essay Topic

A special time comes along with the fall of your senior year. Most of your written papers and other projects are completed and students are getting ready for some major work that will determine their future in college. Colleges end up rejecting many of those students because of the application essay topic they pick due …
Take these steps to increase your college readiness
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How to Increase Your College Readiness

We’ve done a post on what college readiness means. Now it’s time to address how to increase your college readiness so that you are as prepared as possible for your new life chapter. And remember, the skills that will get you by in college will also be used in the workplace. So maybe we should …
Puppies are just one way to boost your GPA
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Unique Ways to Boost Your GPA

Have you found yourself feeling anxious about your GPA, and wondering how you can boost it? Look no further! There are a lot of little tips and tricks for you to utilize to put your best foot forward and succeed. Besides the obvious doing the readings and studying, there are other more psychological hacks you …