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Understanding the 4 Different Types of College Deadlines

Submitting your application within the deadline is the single most important part of the admissions process. Taking the time to put together an outstanding application, complete with a brilliant personal essay and impressive recommendation letters is futile if you do not send in your application on time. Very few colleges if any will even bother …
Ivy League schools are incredibly hard to get into
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Things You Need for Your Ivy League Application

Do you dream of applying to an Ivy League School?  Studying in these prestigious schools is the ultimate dream for many students, and while getting accepted is not impossible, these colleges do ask for a lot. They look for the best of the best, which means your application has to be super-impressive in all respects. …
There are pros and cons of the Coalition Application
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The Pros and Cons of Using the Coalition Application

The Coalition Application is a young app in relation to the Common Application or the Universal Application, but has been garnering attention nonetheless. Like the other applications, there are pros and cons to using it over more traditional methods. Read on to see if the Coalition App is right for you! Pros: The Locker The …
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6 Bizarre (but REAL) College Application Essay Questions!

Whoever said writing an essay had to be boring? Sure, you’ll get your fair share of standard questions like “Why do you want to attend this college” or “Who is someone you admire”, but some applications might ask you to write about more…interesting topics. Here are 6 bizarre college essay questions and prompts, that were …
Here are some tips on how to save time on college applications
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How to Save Time on College Applications

Your senior year of high school is a hectic time, especially if you have work, volunteer, or play sports after class. On top of that, you’re getting prepared to head to college next year! Between the applications, ACT and SAT tests, essays, and more, it can get a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips …
Save some money and avoid college application fees
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How to Avoid College Application Fees

Part of the college application process is paying all those darn fees… Or is it? Here are some ways you can avoid paying application fees. Attend a Campus Visit Some schools have arranged for application fee waivers if you arrange (and attend) a campus visit day. It’s best to do this through the school rather …