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What to Say to an Empty Nester to Help them Transition

The time has come. The kids have spread their wings and flown the coop—what an accomplishment! After all, you’ve kept them alive and well for nearly two decades, don’t you deserve some time to yourself after all this time? You are finally an empty nester and have time to relax, start that hobby you’ve put …
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16 Great Internships for Students

Internships are a significant step in a college student’s journey toward a successful career. They offer hands-on experience, networking chances, and a way to apply classroom learning to the real world. Finding the best internships for college students, especially during the summer, can make a big difference. In this article, we’ll explore some amazing internship programs …
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5 Reasons a Student Website is a Do

A student website is a definite ‘Do’. While it’s not mandatory, having your own student website offers some powerful benefits. Check them out below. 5 Reasons Why You Should Set Up Your Own Student Website 1. You Control the Narrative In today’s digital age, almost all employers will check out your online presence. That means …
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10 Best Student Checking Accounts

Student checking accounts come with a number of features and perks that make it easier for college students to manage their money and build a banking history. These accounts typically have built-in automation tools that help you develop better saving habits, pay bills on time, and avoid overdrafts. You’ll also get access to a debit …
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Why Academic Integrity is so Important in College

Integrity is super important in education, especially in college. It involves keeping academic standards high, growing personally, and getting ready for real-life situations. And while colleges set the tone for how much integrity matters on their campuses and in their classrooms, you also have an obligation to personally uphold your own moral uprightness as a …