Ways to Show Teacher Appreciation

Always the first full week of May, Teacher Appreciate Week is dedicated to letting your teachers know just how much they mean to you. And even if you’re reading this at a different time of the year – such as the end of the school year – it’s always a good time to tell your instructors you appreciate them. 

To do so, you should focus on saying, “Thank you,” consider a gift and more. Check out some solid ways to celebrate your teacher this week!

1. Say Thank You

One of the best ways to show your teacher appreciation is to simply tell them! Saying, “Thank you. You’re an amazing teacher.” will go far in making their day, week, and maybe even year. If you have a hard time putting what you want to say into words though, or want to say more than a few lines, your best bet is to write a letter. Talk about how appreciative you are and how they’ve impacted you as a student. This may actually become one of your teacher’s most prized possessions, too!

Students should also aim to tell their teachers, “Thanks” whenever they receive help. Whether that’s in the form of a letter of recommendation, after-class assistance, or when they sign the yearbook wishing you luck, a simple thank you will go much further than many students realize!

2. Have the Class Sign a Card

Want to make sure the entire class participates in Teacher Appreciation Week? Getting a card for your entire class to sign is sure to make your teacher’s day! You can buy one at the store, make one in your free time, or simply fold up a piece of printing paper. Students can take this opportunity to simply sign their names or write something special to the teacher.

3. Give a Gift

Of course, you can always get a gift for your teacher – and not just the end-of-the-year apple either. You could buy them snacks, flowers, or a gift card to a nearby restaurant or store. Some teachers like decorating their classrooms, too. For example, I once had an English teacher who decorated every inch, including the ceiling, with random, fun, or educational posters. He loved getting presents to help decorate the walls! If you have a teacher like that, consider adding to their collection.

Another idea is school supplies. Teachers usually have to spend their own budget on these supplies, and if you noticed that this particular classroom was short on any specific supplies, you could buy some for your teacher and help next year’s students. Sometimes the best gift is just a simple amazon gift card!

4. Be Respectful, Courteous, and Thoughtful

This goes without saying for many students, but always being respectful and courteous in class will go far. This means paying attention in class (no phones!), engaging with questions, asking questions, studying, completing homework, staying quiet and on task, and giving it your all.

But for Teacher Appreciation Week, you might want to think about taking it a step further! Teachers have a lot going on every single day of the school year (and during the summer). Between lesson planning and grading papers and preparing the classroom and parent-teacher conferences, their schedule is booked. Their day does not end at the final bell.

So is there something you can help the teacher with? While you can’t grade those papers or run the conferences, even little gestures will go far. For example, it may be a while since the bookshelves have been cleaned out. Or their desk could be a running joke in the class because it’s full of non-functional markers. Students like you can volunteer to help teachers with these tasks during after-school sessions! It will definitely help to cross one of the many items on your instructor’s to-do list 

From being respectful in class to saying thank you in a well thought out letter, there are plenty of ways to show your teacher just how much you appreciate what they do for you and your classmates. If you take the time out now to thank them, it is something they will likely remember for the rest of their career. And it could seriously come in handy when you need letters of recommendation for college.


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