7 Fantastic Gifts for Future Teachers

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Do you know someone in your life who is aiming to become a teacher? While teachers are the real gift, they deserve a few trinkets and presents of their own. We’ve put together a list of 7 great gifts for education majors! Some are fun, others are practical, each are perfect gifts for future teachers.

Best Teacher Teaching is a Work of Heart Mug

Best Teacher mug gifts for future teachersThey may not be a teacher yet, but it’s certainly on the horizon! This mug can help inspire them, but also be a great addition to their desk when they land their teaching job. From Best Teacher, the mug features a chalkboard, apples, and the phrase “Teaching is a Work of Heart.” It can hold 13 oz. And total bonus: it’s also dishwasher and microwave safe. Perfect for heating up coffee in the teacher’s lounge.

Bepuzzled 3D Red Apple Puzzle

Bepuzzled apple brain teaser gifts for future teachersIf your education major friend is also a fan of puzzles, they may appreciate this 3D Red Apple Puzzle from Bepuzzled. It has 43 interlocking pieces and can be quite challenging to complete! When it’s all done, it makes a great piece to display. It measures about 3” x 3” x 3”. An apple is a classic symbol for teachers, so it seems a perfect gift for a future educator.

Teacher Peak Sticky Note and Page Marker Box Set

Teacher Peach sticky notes gifts for future teacherSticky notes and page markers can be a life saver during college and this teacher oriented box can make the perfect useful gift for an education major. The tabs come in 8 different colors for 1440 flags and there are 200 sticky notes. An inspirational quote can keep motivation high while imparting some great educational wisdom.

How Teachers Swear Coloring Book

How Teachers Swear coloring book gifts for future teachersTeachers definitely have to watch what they say around the kids, which makes this coloring book a cute and fun gift! The How Teachers Swear Coloring Book is affordable and definitely unique. Made by JD Clean Swears Coloring contains beautiful designs inside that are sure to be fun to color. Each page is family-friendly, of course, and perfect for venting frustrations in a colorful and creative way.

Aurora Plush Graduation Bear

Aurora graduation bear gifts for future teachersDo you know an education major who is about to graduate? This adorable plush graduation bear can be the perfect gift and one they can showcase right in their classroom year round. After all, a teacher’s ultimate goal is to educate their students. Nothing symbolizes education more than a grad cap and a diploma—both of which this smart little bear has.

Prismacolor Writing Essentials Kit

Prismacolor writing essentials kit gifts for future teachersIt pays to be prepared, and this kit is all about that. This Writing Essentials Kit from Prismacolor will get plenty of use during college, but what’s left is sure to be well appreciated when they have their own classroom! The kit contains 2 permanent markers, 3 highlighters, 1 dry erase marker, 1 gel pen, 2 felt pens, 6 ballpoint pens, 3 mechanical pencils, and 2 erasers.

Foot Traffic No. 2 Pencil Socks

Foot Traffic pencil socks gifts for future teachersThese No. 2 Pencil Socks from Foot Traffic are sure to be a hit. They just might become a pair of lucky teacher socks! Knee high socks for women, they fit sizes 4 -10 and are made for comfort. They also come in a variety of other designs, including cats, music, ballet, and stripes.

Shopping for the perfect gift for an education major doesn’t have to be difficult! These seven ideas are sure to be loved.

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