6 Fantastic Mirrors for College Dorms and Apartments

College student looks into her dorm room mirror

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A mirror is not only a useful tool, but can double as a decorative piece. Whether you’re checking an outfit before heading to class, brushing your hair quick, fixing a bit of makeup, or ensuring you’ve got no wrinkles on your interviewing suit, a mirror can come in handy. Check out some of these cool mirrors that we’ve found for your college dorm or apartment.

Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror by LANGRIA

Floor mirror that doubles as a jewelry cabinet by LANGRIA. Image linked to its Amazon page. Fashion meets function with this multi-purpose mirror cabinet by LANGRIA. This piece is perfect for anyone with an affinity for jewelry. The cabinet has space for several shelves, 108 earring slots, 36 earring holes, 18 necklace and bracelet hooks, and enough room for 80 rings. You can keep your collection organized and ready to go. Black fabric lines the backing, ensuring your jewelry stays protected and scuff-free. For extra security, the cabinet can lock and keep all valuables safe inside. 

These mirrors stand freely and is easy to assemble with a simple screwdriver. Want a different angle? The mirror tilts into four different position. Its frame is available in two finishes—traditional wood and white. The mirror itself is 42″ inches long, giving you a full-body view so you can check your entire outfit. This all-purpose jewelry cabinet and mirror is as chic as it is genius. And in a space as small as a dorm, every multi-functional inch counts. 

Wooden Bedroom Floor Mirror by Crown Mark

Rectangular floor mirror by Crown Mark. Image linked to its Amazon page.One of the best ways to ensure you are perfectly put together is with a full length floor mirror. You can stick it in a corner and do a quick once-over before leaving the room. This floor mirror by Crown Mark is made of wood and comes in several colors and finishes. You’re sure to find one in a style and color that suits your preferences and matches your room decor. It comes in two main shapes—rectangular or elongated oval. There are also a multitude of colors, including: black, brown, cherry, espresso, oak, and white.

Easy to assemble, and minimalist in design, Crown Mark’s mirrors can fit into just about any dorm or apartment. Its hinged at the middle to allow for tilting and angling, ensuring you can get the ideal view. It’s elegant, classy, and simple—a winning combination. This mirror will be a part of your decor long after you graduate.

ReflectXL Shower Mirror by Mirror on a Rope

A small square mirror hanging by a cord by Mirror on a Rope. Image linked to its Amazon page.Well, the company name says it all—this is a mirror on a rope! Sometimes it’s just easier for someone to shave or groom while showering and this hanging mirror can help. Worried about keeping a mirror in a place with lots of steam and moisture? Mirrors fog, after all, and then you can barely see yourself without constantly wiping it down. Luckily, this mirror has a solution. It’s specially coated to be both fog-free and shadow-free for a clear view. Additionally, the cord is adjustable so you can set it at the right height for the perfect shave or view. 

The reverse side of the mirror comes in five different colors—blue, red, green, wet steel, and unclad. Don’t want to hang the mirror up by its cord? No problem. This mirror also comes with mounted wall hooks that can support up to 13 pounds. It’s removable too, which makes this mirror option truly portable—ideal for college students who move around year after year.

Round Wall Mirror by Umbra

Round rubber-framed mirror by Umbra. Image linked to its Amazon page. This lovely round mirror has a protective rubber frame, ideal for highly trafficked areas or moving day. Its sleek, minimalist make is sure to make it the focal point of any room you put it in. Perfect for applying makeup, touching up a hairdo, or making sure that hat goes with that jacket. It comes in a range of sizes for any situation—18″, 24″, 34″, 36″, and 37″. Additionally, there is an array of colored frames: black, coral, gray, charcoal, spruce, brass, titanium, and copper. You’re sure to find a version that suits your personal style best.

The size of the mirrors are designed to reflect both natural and indoor light well. Worried about a crack or break? This Umbra product comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can rest easy. It has a modern look, which will fit in well no matter if you’re decorating a dorm room or an apartment. You’ll love to carry this with you to your new digs after you graduate. It’s sure to look great and will suit any décor style.

Portable Folding Mirror by DUcare

A leather-bound folding mirror by DUcare. Image linked to its Amazon page.This lovely little mirror is perfect for the student with a minimalist mindset. It folds quickly and easily, making it easy to carry along or pack away. Ideal for travelers, movers, or space-savers. Its leather exterior gives it a sleek, elegant look, and will protect the glass of the mirror from bumps or dust. The mirror is adjustable so you can get the perfect angle every time, and it folds away neatly for storage purposes.

It comes in two sizes—small (4.24″ x 6.48″) and large (6.01″ x 8.07″)—so you can choose the option best suited for your needs. Both sizes are only 0.5″ thick when folded up, so it won’t take up too much room. This little mirror is perfect if you happen to be cramped for space. It looks just as good on a table or shelf even when it isn’t in use. Or, if you want to declutter your desk, you can fold it up and store it in a drawer. 

Framed Wall Mirror by Sandberg Furniture

A wooden framed mirror by Sandberg. Image linked to its Amazon page.Want a more antique, classic look? Try a framed mirror. The four-inch frame makes a nice accent and the beveled glass is a chic touch that everyone will love. It measures 36″ by 30″, though the glass itself is 28″ by 22″. There’s even a larger “leaner” version if you need to see everything. As for colors, there is a wide selection of subtle, metallic colors: antique gold, black, brushed bronze, champagne silver, cherry, copper, espresso, oil rubbed bronze, rose gold, silver, and white.

This mirror can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, depending on what you want. It comes with d-mounts so you don’t need to worry about hanging it with flimsy wire. After all, having secure mounting is very important for a mirror. This is another great piece of “starter” furniture that will come with you long after you’ve graduated. 

Like we said, mirrors are useful tools. Use it to help you look and feel your best before heading out and tackling the day!

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