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4 Awesome College Planners for Spring Term

As your spring semester begins, what are you using to make sure you have a handle on all the work that will pop up on your courses? Keeping it all in your head can be stressful, and you’re likely to forget a few things. A college planner is an amazing way to track your projects, …
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It’s a New Year! What Are You Prioritizing?

Advertising Disclosure Raptor® may earn commissions based on sales through our partner links. This does not affect the opinions or placement of lenders on the page. Happy New Year! We hope you had an amazing start to 2022. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions and what needs …
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Planning Your College Search

Juniors: With the new year, if you are planning to go to college, it’s time to get started on your college search! Do you know where to begin? If not – it’s okay! We’ve put together a quick checklist and some tools for you! Ask Yourself Questions Asking yourself some questions to start off your …
A student watches a professor on her laptop during an online class in her hybrid program.
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What You Need to Know about College Hybrid Programs

The world of higher education is always changing but has made more significant changes in the last few years due to the pandemic. You may have heard about college hybrid programs recently. Understanding what this term means and determining whether or not it’s the right type of program for you is essential. Here’s an explanation …
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5 Important Things to Do Before College Starts

It’s the summer before your college education begins – are you ready? This is an exciting but often stressful and hectic time in your life, so you want to be sure you have all your ducks in a row before heading off to your first semester! Here are 5 important things to do before college …
Student exploring a gap year
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3 Things to Do During a Gap Year

Have you weighed your options after graduation and decided to take a gap year? It can be a great choice for students! But that doesn’t mean you should waste the next year. You have a few different options on how you can spend the next 12 months and get some meaningful lessons out of your …
Woman at laptop with text: the importance of internet safety in college
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The Importance of Internet Safety in College

As wonderful as the internet is, it comes with a host of dangers. As a college student, you’ll use the internet daily for project research, turning in assignments, tracking your grades, and binging Netflix. It’s crucial to browse as safely as you can. That’s where these tips—and NordVPN—come in. Here’s what you need to know. Colleges …