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Common College Packing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Avoid these common packing mistakes freshmen make tips tools & advice
As you get ready for your upcoming freshman year, the summer months are the time when you should be starting to decide just goes on your packing list to bring with you to college. However, packing is one of the areas where freshmen make the most mistakes. Here are some of the more common packing …

44 More Life Skills to Learn Before College

college studying life skills tips tools & advice
In a previous post we talked about life skills to know before heading off to college, but there are plenty more that aren’t taught in schools or at home regularly anymore! If you don’t know how to do any of the tasks listed below, now is the time to ask or look it up. You …

What NOT To Pack For College

There are a few things you should not pack for college tips tools & advice
As you’re making your packing list of what to bring to college this year, you’ll probably write down quite a few items that you end up not wanting to bring or you shouldn’t be taking to the dorm at all. Here are a few things you should definitely not pack for college: Prohibited Items Your …

4 Digital Makeover Tips While Prepping for College

Give yourself a digital makeover before you start college tips tools & advice
We live in a very digital age. So much of our lives revolve around the internet, and we all should manicure what we put out there that’s attached to our names and identities. While prepping for college is the perfect time to give yourself a digital makeover. Clean Up Your Social Media It’s no secret …

Tips for First Generation College Students

Here are some tips for first generation college students! tips tools & advice
First generation college students often face a more difficult transition when starting school than students whose parents, grandparents, and beyond have attended college. First-generation college students tend to deal with a unique set of barriers in addition to the common problems that many incoming freshmen face. It’s important that these difficulties don’t prevent first generation …

5 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

There are a few ways to save money on college textbooks tips tools & advice
In college, it’s a necessity to save money so it makes sense to try and cut down on expenses wherever you can. Renting or buying used textbooks is one great way to save your wallet. Brand New Textbooks are Expensive Buying a whole new set of college textbooks every year can be unbelievably expensive. In …