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7 Handy Pairs of Socks For College Students

Shoes with orange socks and text: socks for college students student life
Socks are awesome! They keep your feet warm and dry and able to wear shoes. While they are mainly utilitarian in nature, you don’t have to restrict yourself to wearing boring, drab-colored socks. We’ve found some pairs that are warm, comfortable, and colorful!  Here are some that are perfect for college students. Happypop Novelty Crew …
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7 Thoughtful College Graduation Gifts

Students throwing graduation caps with text: thoughtful graduation gifts student life
The day they’ve been working so hard for is finally here. Your favorite college student is graduating! Show them you’re proud of them with one of these beautiful college graduation gifts. Helpful, memorable, practical, and fun, your student will be happy to receive any one of these gifts when they walk off the stage with …
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7 Fantastic Gifts for Future Teachers

Woman at whiteboard with text: Gifts for future teachers student life
Do you know someone in your life who is aiming to become a teacher? While teachers are the real gift, they deserve a few trinkets and presents of their own. We’ve put together a list of 7 great gifts for education majors! Some are fun, others are practical, each are perfect gifts for future teachers. …
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6 Great Bookmarks for College Students

Bookshelves filled with books, with white text overlayed on red rectangles that says "bookmarks for college students." student life
Reading a new book? Working on an assignment for a course? Know a college student who loves reading or could do with a few bookmarks? Available on Amazon, these six are excellent bookmark choices for college students! Shoot for the Moon Bookmark by Peter Pauper Press With an inspiring quote, this Shoot for the Moon …
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7 Motivational Gifts for College Students

Mountains with text: motivational college gifts student life
Everyone needs a little motivation to help every now and then. Maybe your favorite college student is having trouble getting up for that 7 AM bio lab. Or maybe they or they are tired of studying for the last final of the semester. We’ve rounded up 7 of the best motivational college gifts for students …
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5 Fun Outdoor Games for College Students

"Fun outdoor game for college students" with a grass background. student life
We recently covered some great party games for college life in a recent article. They’re fun to play indoors, but what about when the weather is nice and you want a break? You can head out to the quad with a couple of friends and one of these fun outdoor games. Spikeball Spikeball is sort …
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7 Lovely Literary Gifts for English Majors

Bookshelf with text: gifts for english majors student life
There’s nothing quite like a good story. Nobody knows that better than an English major! Are you looking for the perfect gift for the book lover in your life? These seven suggestions are sure to be a hit! Bibliophiles rejoice. Here are 7 lovely literary gifts for English majors. Energizer Clip-On Book Light Whether reading …
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Quick College Food for On-the-Go Students

Nuts with text: quick college food for on-the-go-students student life
Too busy for breakfast? Need to fuel up between classes? Hate having to fight the line in the cafeteria when all you want is a quick snack? One way to avoid getting into any of these unsavory situations is by stocking with these college food options on the go. Quaker Chewy Granola Bars This variety …
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