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7 Motivational Gifts for College Students

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Everyone needs a little motivation to help every now and then. Maybe your favorite college student is having trouble getting up for that 7 AM bio lab. Or maybe they or they are tired of studying for the last final of the semester. We’ve rounded up 7 of the best motivational college gifts for students …
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5 Fun Outdoor Games for College Students

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We recently covered some great party games for college life in a recent article. They’re fun to play indoors, but what about when the weather is nice and you want a break? You can head out to the quad with a couple of friends and one of these fun outdoor games. Spikeball Spikeball is sort …
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7 Lovely Literary Gifts for English Majors

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There’s nothing quite like a good story. Nobody knows that better than an English major! Are you looking for the perfect gift for the book lover in your life? These seven suggestions are sure to be a hit! Bibliophiles rejoice. Here are 7 lovely literary gifts for English majors. Energizer Clip-On Book Light Whether reading …
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Quick College Food for On-the-Go Students

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Too busy for breakfast? Need to fuel up between classes? Hate having to fight the line in the cafeteria when all you want is a quick snack? One way to avoid getting into any of these unsavory situations is by stocking with these college food options on the go. Quaker Chewy Granola Bars This variety …
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7 Fun Novelty College School Supplies

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Who says college has to be all work and no fun? With these novelty school supplies, you can study and learn while having some style. Put a personal touch on your notes or dorm desk with these novelty college school supplies. Multi-Color Pens by Hieno Supplies Scientific studies have shown that some people learn faster …
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5 Phone Stands For College Students

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Ever wondered how you’d manage without your cell phone? Cell phones are a must-have device for everybody these days. And as a college student, you’ll be glad you have one with you especially on those days when you are feeling homesick and want to hear the familiar voices of family and friends from back home. …
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7 Bike Accessories for College Students

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Do you love the convenience and ease of biking to and from campus? Or do you simply enjoy riding your bike on-campus as a good form of exercise and stress release? Whatever the reason, if you are a fan of cycling, these bike accessories will add additional safety, comfort, and convenience to your rides. Titanker …
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