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6 Gum Packs for College Students

Gumballs with text: tasty gum packs for college students student life
Whether you want fresh breath, or you need to stay focused, gum is something everyone should have on them. It’s handy to have a pack in your bag, purse, or dorm room desk. Check out these different gum brands and flavors, perfect for college students everywhere! Mentos Pure Sugar-Free Chewing Gum (Pack of 6, 50 …
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6 Keychains for College Students

Key graphic with text: Keychains for college students student life
When you get to college, you suddenly find out you’ll have keys for everything. You definitely have a key for dorm, for your car or bike, for your mail, etc. You really don’t want to lose any of these keys. Keep them all together and safe with these fun keychains. Chapstick Holder Keychain by Zario …
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8 Baking Supplies For College Students

Baking pans, tools, bowls, ingredients with text: Baking supplies for college students student life
Pro tip: the barter system is alive and well in college. Offer people some freshly baked goodies and they’ll probably help you move furniture or help you study. Baking is also fantastic form of relaxation. It is as much fun to create treats as it is to eat them. Wish you could whip up something …
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5 Great Gifts for Nursing Majors

Heart rate with text: gifts for nursing majors student life
Do you know someone in your life who is training to become a nurse? Whether it’s for the holidays, their birthday, a graduation party, or you just want to do something special for them, there are plenty of unique ideas to get as a present, including these five nursing gifts. Nurse Nutritional Facts Mug by …
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6 Adult Coloring Books for College Students

Colored pencils with text: adult coloring books student life
Love bringing designs to life with colors? Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you should give up your love for coloring, or coloring books. Check out these 6 high-art style adult coloring books. Coloring in these interesting and complex designs is sure to help you get in touch with your inner artist. Stress Relieving …
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6 Clever Computer Science Gifts for College Students

Blue hexagons with text: Computer Science Gifts student life
Know someone studying computer science? It’s a challenging, but rewarding field. Growing more popular year over year, computer science skills are in high demand. Reward your favorite hardworking student with one of these clever computer science gifts!  Novelty Mug by Funny Guy Mugs Any hardworking college student needs a good coffee mug. Caffeine is a …
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7 Handy Pairs of Socks For College Students

Shoes with orange socks and text: socks for college students student life
Socks are awesome! They keep your feet warm and dry and able to wear shoes. While they are mainly utilitarian in nature, you don’t have to restrict yourself to wearing boring, drab-colored socks. We’ve found some pairs that are warm, comfortable, and colorful!  Here are some that are perfect for college students. Happypop Novelty Crew …
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7 Thoughtful College Graduation Gifts

Students throwing graduation caps with text: thoughtful graduation gifts student life
The day they’ve been working so hard for is finally here. Your favorite college student is graduating! Show them you’re proud of them with one of these beautiful college graduation gifts. Helpful, memorable, practical, and fun, your student will be happy to receive any one of these gifts when they walk off the stage with …
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7 Fantastic Gifts for Future Teachers

Woman at whiteboard with text: Gifts for future teachers student life
Do you know someone in your life who is aiming to become a teacher? While teachers are the real gift, they deserve a few trinkets and presents of their own. We’ve put together a list of 7 great gifts for education majors! Some are fun, others are practical, each are perfect gifts for future teachers. …
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6 Great Bookmarks for College Students

Bookshelves filled with books, with white text overlayed on red rectangles that says "bookmarks for college students." student life
Reading a new book? Working on an assignment for a course? Know a college student who loves reading or could do with a few bookmarks? Available on Amazon, these six are excellent bookmark choices for college students! Shoot for the Moon Bookmark by Peter Pauper Press With an inspiring quote, this Shoot for the Moon …
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