In an earlier post we discussed how MyCollegePrice can help you discover the true cost of college given your family financial circumstances. Of course, there is more to choosing a college than deciding purely based on the hard financial numbers.

Lifestyle, academic aspirations and academic fit play a significant part in the decision-making. More specifically, geography, college size, academic focus and specific college likes and dislikes should and do weigh heavily in a decision that is likely to have significant life impact over time. And of course, your high school academic performance and test scores will determine which schools are a best fit for you.

The trick is how does one effecitvely and efficiently bring all these factors together in a way that saves time, money and labor?

That’s where MyCollegePrice comes in. Our interface allows you to create a personal profile that takes lifestyle, academic AND financial information together and apply these to give you college that best fit your background. It’s as simple as that. Here is a look at where you do that:

enter your profile data to quickly find your net cost of college

We’ll have plenty to say about this in detail in future posts. For now, go to ( and give it a try.