6 Handy Desk Calendars for College Students

Desk calendars really can help you stay organized and keep track of important deadlines. In college, that can be a life-saver. Having a calendar helps visualize schedules, deadlines, and important dates. You can use it to highlight upcoming tests or even as a daily planner. It’s a tool that every college student should take advantage of.

We’ve rounded up 6 great and handy desk calendars perfect for college students! Check them out.

GPP Desk Calendar 2020-21: Large Monthly Pages

daily planner GPP Desk CalendarsWith unique designs on each month, this desk calendar can bring a happy pop of color to your wall or desk. You can start using this one immediately to keep track of tests, assignments, meetings, sporting events, and even keep track of social events. It hangs neatly on the wall, too. It has ample writing space for extra notes and details as well.

Bloom Daily Planners 2020 Calendar Year Desk or Wall Calendar

A floral wall calendar for 2020.This cheerful and well-designed wall or desk calendar has plenty of space to write notes. It will help you keep track of important assignments and tasks that may be coming up at school or at home. Bright, colorful designs are featured each month, and the notes section down the side is perfect for any time you need to jot down ideas or reminders for the week. This is another great addition to any dorm room or even the sorority house’s main room.

Nekmit 2020 Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

A black and white monthly calendar. This large, spacious calendar can be used on your desk or on your wall. Featuring a large-block format for writing notes within the entire month, this calendar looks great no matter where you put it. Keep everything organized for the entire year when you choose this calendar for your dorm room wall or desk. Looks good without being obvious, this one is perfect for fraternities or people who just want a calendar without fancy designs. You’ll wonder how you made it this far without it!

Cranbury Large Desk Calendar 2020 with Stickers

A floral desk calendar with a cup of coffee next to it.This large desk calendar by Cranbury comes with several features that allow you to use it in a way that works best for you. You’ll get great use from the 200+ stickers that come with this calendar. The large daily blocks are handy for jotting down notes and reminders for the day. The rigid backboard provides a sturdy surface for writing. Additionally, the thick paper prevents your notes from bleeding through on to other pages.

Hadley Designs 2020-2021 Large Monthly Desk or Wall Calendar

Colorful monthly calendar pages.This large, thick-papered calendar features a unique design for each month. It has plenty of space for appointments, assignment due dates, and anything else you need to keep in mind. It has a ‘Notes’ section down the side, so you can keep track of study groups, work hours, and anything else you might need that comes up within a week. The designs mean you’ll never get bored, and you can keep it on your wall or desk for easier access.

Wayrank Large Mouse Mat Pad Desk Calendar

daily planner wayrank desk calendarsWayrank’s large mouse mat pad desk calendar is no ordinary calendar. It has a protective film that will keep your calendar clean and protected from spills. Its large format is perfect for those with less-than-perfect eye sight or people who just need a lot of space to write. The backboard provides a sturdy writing surface.  You may enjoy this one so much you keep ordering them long after you’ve graduated.

Pick one of these calendars to help you stay organized right through the academic year.

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